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Andrew Sutherland

by Josh Rubin
on 04 April 2006

Brooklyn-based artist Andrew Sutherland works as a composer of mundane materials and uneventful spaces. Using corrugated cardboard, vinyl and medium density fiberboard, he recalls iconographic minimalists Sol LeWitt and Tony Smith. Colorful, layered work in ethylene vinyl acetate like 2005’s ‘Scrap Bin,’ leans toward late-career Frank Stella, but the work itself has taken Paxil to relieve its anxiety. Instead of working large, he operates in small dimensions.

Corrugated cardboard is the substance and surface of the artist’s most elegant work, like his representations of wood grain (above)—made by layering paper into the form of a tree and then cutting it down into slabs—and the complexly simple renderings of semi-surreal boxes recently exhibited at New York’s Pulse Contemporary Art Fair. (More woodgrain and other paper-based work pictured above and after the jump.)

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