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Advanced Beauty: Synesthetic Film Exhibit

by Ami Kealoha
on 05 August 2008

by Kyle Small


In collaboration with Amsterdam's newly opened Maxalot gallery, the exhibit of video art called Advanced Beauty, will — put simply — blow your mind. With a multinational cast including 18 different artists, this ongoing project focuses on the combination of sound and video and how the two interact.

Based on the theory of color synesthesia (the scientific belief that certain individuals will associate different colors with numbers, letters and sounds experienced in the everyday), the films in Advanced Beauty "are physical manifestations of sound, sculpted by volume, pitch or structure." Each video starts and ends with the same white space, moving through masterfully constructed worlds of color and sound. The show is broadcast on a 24-hour looping video in a classic boutique window on the central Prins Hendrikkade in Amsterdam.


The exhibit was critically acclaimed by audiences at both Lovebytes 2008 in England and at Cannes Lions Festival in France. Take it from them, this showcase is something truly unique and interesting; it will undoubtedly influence advances in digital art for a long time. Check out a few of the different short videos on the Advanced Beauty site (or on your iPhone!), they're definitely worth a peek.

Advanced Beauty
Through 18 August 2008
Prins Hendrikkade 8
1012 Amsterdam
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