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+41 Fairtilizer Tee and Peacock Scarf

by Ami Kealoha
on 02 October 2007

Maybe because we're excited about the upcoming U.S. release of Control or maybe just because we appreciate any interpretation of Peter Saville's pulsar-inspired design, but either way +41's new Fairtilizer t-shirt turned our head.


Developed for a music sharing site (called Fairtilizer) that +41 is art directing, the 100% cotton tee is a nice addition to the rest of their (almost) all black-and-white 2007 collection. A different version highlights the reinterpretation going on in the Fairtilizer logo by depicting it as a tree with the leaf made up of smaller leaves.

We also liked the unique offering for women this season, a handcrafted silk scarf. The delicate symmetry of the peacock pattern makes for a lovely and unusual way to ride the current trend in neckwear.

The scarf (€130) and shirt (€39) are both available from +41.

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