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New York

Limitless offerings in a city that doesn't sleep

by Katie Olsen
on 29 August 2013
A collection of neighborhoods—all bearing their own distinct, noteworthy identities—lay scattered across New York City's five boroughs. Over 50 million visitors and $35 billion in tourist commerce traipse through every year. There is so much to bite upon in the Big Apple. A cultural hub of all major sectors, world-class food is found beside incomparable museums, theatrical extravaganzas (or ground-breaking experimental works) are steps from shopping, and historic landmarks and architectural gems dot vistas, corners and even nooks that you could miss in the bustle. Whether you're interested in a stroll through the mesmerizing illumination of Midtown or the winding, tree-lined streets of the West Village, 24-hour public transportation will get you there. Entertainment, exploration and even relaxation are all present because, simply put: New York City has everything. Constantly shifting, it can be tough to keep up with the  developments, but rest assured, it's all there. Along the Hudson River, across to the western edge of Long Island, at the base of the Empire State, New York City generates a pull that traverses the globe. It's inspiration and, most importantly, it's available.  Advertisement