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Los Angeles

The oft-stereotyped city that unashamedly has it all

by Katie Olsen in on 29 August 2013

Stereotypically known as a city for vacuous celebrity wannabes, Los Angeles often gets a bad rap. In fact, it is a city that is not just aesthetically pleasing—with almost every view framed by palm trees and rolling green hills—but one that is host to plenty of history, culture and a constantly blossoming creative and artisan scene that sees innovations popping up every day. From the glossy Beverly Hills, nostalgic Larchmont, the mayhem of Hollywood, eternally retro-vibed Venice and everything between, there really is something for everybody in Los Angeles. Visitors just might not know it yet. While CH has a few essential spots to visit, we also recommend getting behind the wheel and exploring the city in the best possible way—by getting lost in it. A city that unashamedly has it all, LA is much more cultural and interesting than it might seem, with secret treasures hidden in every district. Advertisement

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