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From Motown and motors to a burgeoning urban culture

by Katie Olsen
on 29 August 2013
Although infamous for becoming the largest city ever to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection in July 2013, Detroit is resilient. The birthplace of influential music movements such as techno and MoTown, and the heart of America’s historic automotive industry, Detroit is an incubator for American-made culture and creativity. Low rents have allowed many to start their own businesses; half of the venues we recommended were built in the last few years—a testament to how Detroit is bouncing back. The urban agricultural movement is taking the city, which boasts a diverse number of community gardens and small-scale farms (some of which feed the needy), and changing the food culture in Detroit. Self-sufficiency and variety are key: Eastern Market, America's oldest and largest market of its kind, sells local produce, meats and more. Freshwater from Lake St Clair flows into the Detroit River, providing a gorgeous riverfront view. Let your guiding point be Woodward Avenue (Detroit’s Main Street), which starts from the river and divides the east and west sides of Detroit, cutting through the cultural heart of midtown, and extends all the way to the suburb of Bloomfield Hills. Advertisement