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Wash With Joe
Caffeinated Bodywash

An anti-oxidant, natural deodorant and said to reduce cellulite as well as repair and prevent UV damage, this coffee-based bodywash makes the otherwise generic gift of soap into a conversation-starter. Inspired by Brazilian farmers who pour coffee onto their skin, Wash With Joe is unisex and perfect for javaholics and product junkies alike.

Mountain Printed Shirt

Reminiscent of vintage ski trail map illustrations, the pattern on Snowpeak's new Mountain Print shirt is delightfully retro. The camping scenes pictured on this button-down actually feature Snowpeak's own products—a clever detail. Made from soft and comfy cotton, the shirt sports one buttoned chest pocket. Available with a navy or brown background, this unisex piece comes in a plethora of sizes.

Phaidon Press
Universe: Exploring the Astronomical World

From ancient cave paintings to engravings from the 1600s, and modern-day animations to NASA photos, "Universe: Exploring the Astronomical World" is an investigation of space. With over 300 images, this hardcover spans all kinds of mediums and mindsets, proving just how fascinating we humans have always seen, and continue to see, our universe. The visuals—some of which have never been published before—are drawn from the work of photographers, artists, and astronomers. It's a beautiful book for anybody with a curious mind.

Arlo Skye
The Check-In Suitcase

A new release after their much-loved Carry-On accessory, Arlo Skye's forthcoming Check-In suitcase features an elegant but durable micro-texturized polycarbonate shell with an aluminum-alloy trim. This also makes it lightweight, in addition to offering scratch-resistance. Resting on 60mm wheels, it's both mobile and spacious enough for extended travel and with no zippers—and it's quiet as can be. Available for pre-order now, the Check-In is expected to ship 28 November.

Skyhorse Publishing
Fabulously French Cooking

Paris-based trained chef Cathleen Clarity fell in love with French food and cooking with the seasons after moving there, and now has released a cookbook with photographer Kathrin Koschitzki. With 12 menu suggestions and 70 dishes, "Fabulously French Cooking" offers ideas for big celebrations or small dinner parties. From cote de boeuf to fig and red grape galette, every dish will impress your friends.

Europe Co
Classic Logo T-Shirt

Europe Co's classic T-shirt is exactly that. Plain black on the front and made from 100% cotton, it's a simple piece. On the back though, is a surprising retro-inspired, pyramid logo.

"Like Poison" Cap

The Korean phrase “독한년” (dok-han-nyun), translated to "poisonous bitch," is often used as a derogatory slur for women—especially when they don't "act their gender." Embroidered here in blood red, this is a cap that reclaims the "nasty woman"-esque smears and seizes agency back. It's the debut product from female designer team G.Intl.

Fleur du Mal
Haori Kimono

Available in several prints and colorways, Fleur du Mal's Haori kimono is made from super-luxurious 100% silk and designed to take its shape from traditional kimonos. The newest print is bold and floral, and can be worn as a robe or blazer.

Design Sebastian Frank
Pet Board

Made from sheet steel that's folded and powder-coated, this pet board is the perfect snoozing spot for cats who like to climb. It's lightweight and comes with everything needed to install. Further, the minimal shape and simple colorways (smoky blue or white) mean the design pairs well with all styles. Plus, it will free up a little floor space. Price is in Euros.

Page Goolrick
Epilogue Bookends

In many ways a metaphorical prologue and epilogue, these bookends by award-winning architect and designer Page Goolrick are actually fashioned to resemble hardcover books themselves. There's something quite orderly and refined to bookends shaped like books, but as they're made of paper board and steel they're easy to clean and care for.

Suede Sneakers

British luxury brand Dunhill has entered the footwear market and their first offerings, made in Italy, happen to be quite chic but casual. Our favorite, these navy blue suede sneakers, carry many comfort-driven functional features, including a padded tongue and shock-absorbent sole. From the rounded toe to clean lines, it's a minimal silhouette that will pair well with many looks.

Andrews McMeel Publishing
Be Great, Be Grateful: A Gratitude Journal for Positive Living

Design experts and CH favorites, PATTERNITY (aka Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham) have a new journal coming out and it's part of their mission toward cultivating gratitude and—in turn—wellness. The book "Be Great, Be Grateful: A Gratitude Journal for Positive Living" includes pages to write a diary, creative exercises, inspiring quotes and more. PATTERNITY's theory is that humans are pattern-seeking creatures, and that the more time spent on them—and beautiful things in general—the better off we will be. Delivery expected in February 2018.

Bianca Mavrick
Otis Earrings

A new take on the Australian designer's magnet shape, these Otis Earrings are bold without being too much. The subtle colorway—army green and mint—is coated over brass, and the posts are sterling silver, for sensitive ears. Measuring 6cm long, they aren't heavy—weighing in at 20 grams. Price is in AUD.

Georgia Perry
Cosmos Silk Bandana

Made from a 50/50 cotton and silk blend, Australian designer Georgia Perry's "Cosmos" bandana is delightfully trippy. Featuring images of planets, fish, skulls, jewels, phones and more, it's a surreal design that will suit all genders. Whether worn as a neckerchief, pocket square or hair accessory, it's a versatile piece that measures approximately 53cm by 53cm and features hand-rolled edges. Price is in AUD.

Cocktail Chameleon

There is no reason to grow tired of the same old classic cocktails. As entertaining expert Mark Addison makes clear, by commanding the original recipe one can easily spin out a tasty variation at home. Addison provides 144 different recipes in total, all of which stem from 12 famed drinks. Addison's offerings vary from easy and delightful to wildly creative and molecular. There's something here for those of all skill levels looking to punch up their drink mixing.

Elks and Angels
Snuggle Pod Footmuff

For keeping babies warm when strolling, nothing tops the soft cozy feel of pure sheepskin. Elks & Angels use 100% Australian sheepskin in their footmuff, using a nylon outer shell to resist wind, rain and stains. Scandinavian wood toggles add a dose of style and the design is compatible with all five-point stroller harnesses. Last but not least, it unzips flat so you can use it as a playmat—or in a pinch, a blanket.

Embroidered Chuck Taylor Sneakers

The classic Converse Chuck Taylor will never go out of style, even as the brand continues to release various new takes. This version boasts glorious floral embroidery on the outside, tongue and top of the shoe, while the inside remains bare. Price is in Euros.

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