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Vinegar Making Kit

This 5-Liter Demi-John vinegar-making kit includes your choice of red or white wine starter culture. It ships with a full instruction book to walk you through the process of making vinegar from scratch at home.

Cyril the Sloth Toy

If you're not able to get a cuddle from a real sloth, this little guy from Jellycat is the next best thing. Measuring 17 inches tall, the sloth is soft and floppy—made for naps and hugs on days when they're need. And, if your child is a bit messy, the sloth is hand-washable.

de Museum Winkel
Panacea Prola Butterfly

From the Netherlands' taxidermy and entomology hub, de Museum Winkel, comes a stunning array of stuffed butterflies—including this bright blue Panacea prola. Originating in Peru, this insect, known also as the red flasher or Prola beauty, stretches four centimeters in length. It's quite delicate and, of course, no two will be exactly the same. Importantly, all animals come from zoos or farms where they died of natural causes. (Price is in Euros.)

A Love Supreme
Protea Fabric Napkins

Decorated with Protea (a bold flower native to South Africa), these fabric napkins will jazz up you next dinner party. The orange, white and green flowers—which represent growth and change—are printed on 220gsm cotton twill and are available in sets of two. Price is in ZAR.

Kaye Blegvad
"Female Support System" Hooks

Giving a new meaning to the term "female support system," these brass hooks will take on some of your load. They are made in the USA (laser-cut and hand-finished) and can hold lightweight coats, towels, jewelry and more. Measuring three inches tall, they are sold individually or as a pair.

People I've Loved
Practical Love Spell Card

This sweet white and purple letter-pressed greeting card offers a very practical love spell to make your Valentine fall for you. With sensible magic like "be on time," "listen" and "brush your teeth," the advice seems perfectly practical, but oftentimes this kind of common knowledge isn't so common. Follow the easy spell and there's no way your Valentine's Day can go belly up.

Lost 40 Snow Boots

Stomping through the slush and snow doesn't mean cold or wet feet thanks to these super-light and comfortable boots by Vasque. Constructed from leather, an UltraDry Waterproofing system, felted wool liner and AeroGel insulating foam—which all contribute to a functional and cozy mukluk-style boot, with plenty of contemporary tech.

Third Drawer Down + Frances Cannon
"Into Myself Always" Tote

A strong advocate for the self-love club, Melbourne-based artist Frances Cannon teamed up with Third Drawer Down for this very sweet, pale pink tote. Featuring an illustration of a woman with tags on different parts of her body all saying "Beautiful" on one side, the other side of the bag boasts everybody's new mantra, "Into Myself Always." Measuring 8.3 by 11.4 inches, this tote is available exclusively at Third Drawer Down. (Price is in AUD.)

Sky B Plane Bed

Quash bedtime tantrums with this magical Sky B Plane bed by Circu. Especially good for kids who are having trouble transitioning from crib to bed, this creation is made for adventure dreams. With compartments on either side and a shelf on the top wing, there is storage space included. Plus, the super-glossy varnish is easy to clean.

Poet Asymmetrical Earrings

Made in Australia by Ellery, these nine-carat gold-plated earrings are delightfully mismatched. Both earring designs are inspired by the shapes of petals, but the result is big and bold rather than delicate. The long earring is 4.25 inches long, and the shorter of the pair measures 1.5 inches.

Five Four Club + POGGYTHEMAN
Tokyo T-Shirt

The United States and Japan unite for this Five Four Club + POGGYTHEMAN collaboration T-shirt, with the two nations' flags on the front and the phrase "Hollywood to Little Tokyo" on the back. With side slits for extra movement and comfort, plus an extended back hem, this is a super-functional crewneck. Available in bright red or white, this is just one design from the extensive collaborative collection.

Stowaway Classic Suitcase

While it looks like a classic suitcase, the Stowaway from Paravel has one decidedly modern and functional feature: it's collapsable. Thanks to its clever interior architecture, this 17 by 13 by 6.5 inch suitcase stores flat (around 17.5 by 7 by 2.5 inches), so when it's not in use, it's not in your way. You can also pack it into larger bags when traveling, just in case your inner shopper gets carried away. Available in mustard, green, blue or red.

Leather Flogger

Handmade using buttery soft double-sided full-grain leather, this flogger by Killspencer is for the sassy Valentine in your life. Meticulously crafted in the USA, it's also hand-threaded with waxed linen thread—so the result contrasts delicacy and toughness. You can also add a monogram (hand-stamped on a leather patch) for an extra $25.

Bing Bang
"Fuck I Love You" Gift Tags

While cussing isn't always acceptable, sometimes you really need to add an expletive or two to make a point. These cute gift tags from Bing Bang make sure that the message is very direct—even a little aggressive. With "fuck, I love you" printed on each one (as well as space to write who the present is to and from) these cards come in a set of 10 and can be used at any time of the year.

Mariage Freres
Year of the Coq Blue Tea

With a floral fragrance and a delightful blue/green hue, Mariage Freres' Coq Blue Tea (celebrating the year of the rooster) doesn't taste as fruity as the scent or color would lead you to believe. Rather, it's a fresh but subtle tea, with goji berries lending a little zing. (Price is in euros.)

Unisex Hooded Zip Sweatshirt

Hoodies—like totes—are so prevalent that they really should only warrant attention when truly special. This 97% cotton and 3% lycra zip hooded sweatshirt has been made entirely in the USA, but of equal importance, 100% of net proceeds get donated to the charitable foundation division of Livelihood—and their community development initiatives. Founded by social worked Ashley Biden, Livelihood puts this money directly into two under-resourced neighborhoods in the DC area. And they're aiming for more. As for the comfy sweatshirt, the unisex version comes in four colorways, but the women's and children's iterations are offered in many more.

Pantone Greenery Toothbrush

When the Goby electric toothbrush first debuted, we were taken by its effectiveness and reasonable price-point. We have continued to use it, all with appreciation for the brand's commitment to health and hygiene. Now, there's a new limited edition colorway employing Pantone's recently announced 2017 color of the year: greenery. It's the fifth color option aligned with their more vibrant offerings. Goby reminds us that innovation can strike in just about any industry, and we're pleased that this one grants access to self-betterment.

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