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Sara M Lyons
Sad Ghost Socks

For those who like a little angst with their apparitions, Sara M Lyons' sad ghost socks will be a great fit—for Halloween and beyond. The artist/designer's signature crying ghouls adorn these pale blue knitted socks—made for all genders. Also available are the pale pink happy ghost version—no tears—for more smiley spirits.

Daptone Records
Sharon Jones + The Dap Kings "It's a Holiday Soul Party" LP

While Sharon Jones sadly is no longer be with us, her vast repertoire of soulful tunes remains. A new limited edition pressing of her (along with the Dap Kings, of course) "It's A Holiday Soul Party," on green vinyl, offers the ideal opportunity to connect with her zest this holiday season. Supported by her acclaimed band, Jones joyously delivers 11 holiday songs, both original and traditional. It's funky, powerful and lots of fun for all kinds of festivities.

David Shrigley + Third Drawer Down
"I've Done Everything" Mug

While David Shrigley's mind goes to some strange and wonderful places, his work always manages to make us feel that we're not alone. Like all his collaborations with Third Drawer Down, this "I've Done Everything / I've Done Nothing" mug is affordable and appropriate for almost anybody in your life—as long as they're thinkers. Depending on which way you look at it, depending on the day of the week and your mood, this mug can be spun around to suit the moment.

Prince Purple Rain Tribute Pin

With hard purple enamel and gold plating, this tribute pin for the iconic musical mastermind Prince carries plenty of personality with a luxe edge—much like the man himself. Music fans have long sported pins and patches to show their dedication to the ones they love, but with Prince's passing this year it's never been more emotional to celebrate his immense contribution. This made-in-the-USA item affixes itself by way of posts with rubber pin backs.

Charcoal Toothbrush

Made with traditional Japanese charcoal known as binchō-tan, this all-black toothbrush is the most stylish way to keep up your oral hygiene. Binchō-tan is known to be antibacterial and purifying, and there's even activated binchō-tan charcoal powder in the soft bristles. All this means your gums and teeth will be healthy, and your whole mouth will smell super-fresh. Made in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, this toothbrush is the epitome of form meeting function.

"We Can Be Radical" Onesie

For kids of any gender, this very cute onesie has a double meaning. LA's Otherwild is famed for its positive and inclusive vibes, so the slogan "We Can Be Radical" could very well relate to feminism, or just generally being rad. Printed on a 100% cotton unisex black American Apparel onesie, this same design is available for tots of all sizes—and there are T-shirts for bigger kids too.

Copper Bottle Opener

When a souvenir bottle opener from your last vacation just won't do, this minimal and stylish version from Kikkerland is a sleek alternative. The vintage-inspired, copper-plated bar accessory is a must-have for holiday parties where you want to impress your guests—especially as it appears more expensive than its price.

Golden Section Finder

Find perfection everywhere you go with this pocket-sized Golden Section Finder. A well-known rule in design, the golden ratio relates to ideal proportions—found in nature and human-made objects. You can use this nifty accessory for fun or to figure out the perfect photo, and it's available in blue or yellow.

Matthias Hollwich
New Aging

Matthias Hollwich, of the acclaimed architecture firm Hollwich Kushner (HWKN), has a few ideas for the betterment of society and its aging members. He proposes them in "New Aging," a book built upon a foundation of insightful tips, supported by over a hundred illustrations from Bruce Mau Designs. The new aging concept is direct: incorporate rather than segregate. But it's the sociological and spatial depths that Hollwich traverses that make this a guide worth looking at now—for all age groups.

Mister Green
Vintage Keychain

This amusing message engraved on a 1990s deadstock nameplate keychain might not help out friends who seem to always lose their keys, but it will surely inspire a few laughs in stressful situations.

12-Piece Pencil Kit

Made in the USA, this 12-piece charcoal pencil set includes everything you need to start sketching—all you need is the paper. The kit has black and white charcoal pencils, sticks, a sketch pencil, plus an eraser and sharpener. Whether gifting to a child or adult, this present encourages creativity—and we could all use a little more of that.

Moon Picnic
Ice Cream Sculpture Kit

Sadly not edible, but still a lot of fun, Moon Picnic's giant Ice Cream Sculpture kit is a delight for children (and kids at heart). The set comes complete with two posters—one for the ice cream scoop and one to make the waffle cone—and all you need is scissors, glue stick, ruler and a little patience. The end result looks good enough to eat and makes for a fun party decoration to boot.

Bruce Springsteen
Born to Run

Whether delivering his profoundly heart-wrenching lyrics in "Streets of Philadelphia" or recounting the joy of youth in "Glory Days," Bruce Springsteen has always been a masterful storyteller. 2016 sees The Boss fantastically tackle long-form writing with his 508-page autobiography "Born To Run." Springsteen spent seven years writing the book, which starts with him as a guitar player conquering his boardwalk town of Asbury Park and continues through to today, offering an honest look at how this "gun for hire" became the legend that he is.

Three Potato Four
Do Your Best Pennant

Some of us need a little extra motivation to get out of bed on the best of days, so hanging this "Do Your Best" pennant somewhere you can see when you wake up isn't a bad idea. It's also a great reminder that your best can vary day to day, so it's important to practice self care on the days you're just not feeling it. Available in blue, black, orange or yellow, this felt flag is made in the United States and measures seven by 21 inches.

Korg iWavestation

Most serious musicians spend an equally serious amount of time on the road, lugging around heavy equipment. While orchestra players may forever be doomed to carry weighty cases, electronic musicians can rest a little easier with Korg's iWavestation, a modern take on the beloved synthesizer first introduced in 1990. Mix and morph on the go with this iPad/iPhone app, which powers the same tech as the classic in a tinier punch.

Mouth-Made High Five Chocolate Bar

Tapping into the familiar notion of a Take5 bar—sporting five salty-sweet layers—Mouth Foods' High Five bar takes all that's deliriously delicious about the original and brings it to the present day. Made in Brooklyn and featuring caramel, pretzels, roasted peanuts and peanut butter, all coated in milk chocolate, the High Five forgoes both high fructose corn syrup and preservatives. It's as healthy as a chocolate bar can be and all the ingredients are incredibly transparent. That said, it's a whole lot of flavor and that matters most.

Pick Me Up Book

Brooklyn-based artist and designer Adam J Kurtz's second book "Pick Me Up: a Pep Talk for Now and Later" (the follow-up to "1 Page at a Time") is part activity guide for adults and part therapy session. Not only are there spaces for drawing and writing poems, the majority of the pages are full of relatable modern-day anxieties and plenty of existential, dark humor. It's not all doom and gloom though, there's plenty of sweet and funny moments—along with sound advice.

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