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Explorer's Press
Psychic Lapel Pin

No matter what kind of power of intuition you may posess, this bright little lapel pin jazzes up your blazer just enough. The purple enamel crystal ball declares the title of Psychic beneath it, and we predict more than a few quippy conversations will be started as a result of wearing it.

Lazy Oaf
Go Away Sweater

Fly the flag for lovable curmudgeons everywhere with this "Go Away" sweater from British label Lazy Oaf. The grey marl crewneck (made from 100% cotton) features a chenille-embroidered flag and a very clear message. While it's part of the brand's men's collection, the relaxed fit and size range (from small to extra-large) means it will fit grumps of all genders. Wear it on hungover days, Mondays, any day.

Coqui Coqui
Tabaco Beeswax Candle

Yucatán Peninsula-based perfumery Coqui Coqui takes sensorial inspiration from its tropical surroundings. Their unique, smoky Tabaco scent (freshly picked tobacco leaves paired with citrus) comes in candle form, where the fragrance is infused with the hand-poured wax. Not just a gift for one sense, the made-in-Mexico candle is made from sophisticated black wax, making it a treat for the eyes even when unlit.

Eugene Mirman
I’m Sorry (You’re Welcome) Vinyl Set

A comedy compilation unlike any other: nine albums worth of Eugene Mirman (known to many mortals as spunky Gene from Bob's Burgers). While the first album, a recording of Mirman's live stand-up, is primed for repeat listening, some of the other albums (like Eugene’s Comprehensive Sound Effects Library, Over 45 Minutes of Crying, and 195 Orgasms) present a tough challenge in being played all the way through—but that's where the biggest fun is. Available in vinyl, digital or bathrobe (the custom chair has already sold out) form via Sub Pop Records.

Jurgen Lehl
Jatamansi Shampoo

Made using the intensely aromatic essential oil extracted from Jatamansi flower root (which grows in the Himalayas and has been used for centuries in perfume, incense and even herbal medicine), Jurgen Lehl's shampoo is a delight for your hair and your nose. Naturally fragrant and luxurious, the concoction also includes olive and coconut oils to nourish your locks.

Crispin Finn
Ouija Board

Beach London and the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic recently commissioned seven artists to design their dream Ouija Boards (which were then etched and laser-cut by Clear Cut Creation) and the results are sweet but spooky. One of the standouts is London-based artist Crispin Finn's board, which balances old-world sensibilities and modern design. With plenty of classic Ouija symbols, slightly creepy prose and a lip-shaped planchette, it's playful, spiritual and Oda Mae Brown would surely approve.

Arro Home
Cat Pot-Holder

This 100% cotton cat pot-holder adds a little extra whimsy and bewitchery to tonight's dinner preparations. With an embroidered kitty face by your side, you'll be able to conquer any hot handles. And if you're in the mood for more, Arro Home also has a matching velvety black cat cushion.

DxO One Digital Camera

The DxO One digital camera sits somewhere between a point-and-shoot and a smartphone camera. The powerful, portable attachment snaps into iPhones via lighting connection, transforming them into sharp, capable shooters thanks to a 1” BSI-CMOS sensor, 11.9mm f/1.8 lens and a dedicated mobile app interface. So if you—or someone you know—is looking to attract more Instagram followers, the DxO One is here to help.

Marcus Conrad Poston
Quiet Neon Sign

NYC-based artist Marcus Conrad Poston makes all kinds of curios, but our favorite is his bright neon "Quiet" sign. Available in various colorways, the sign measures approximately 32 by 20 inches and is a not-so-subtle way for curmudgeons and introverts to tell guests to shut up—or leave.

Brooklyn Candle Studio
The Fat Radish Collaboration Candle

Like all Brooklyn Candle Studio creations, the collaboration with The Fat Radish (one of NYC's best-loved farm-to-table restaurants) is made in small batches and hand-poured by BCS founder Tamara Mayne. Made from 100% soy—derived from American-grown soy beans—the candle offers about 50-64 hours of burn time and a delicious sweet fig scent to boot.

Alice Min Soo Chun

Designer Alice Min Soo Chun’s SolarPuff is an origami-like lamp that can be folded down for ultra-portability. When expanded, the charming, cubic lamp can emit eight to 12 hours of bright white light—all powered completely through solar energy. Keep one at home for emergencies and one in the car for spontaneous adventuring.

Pop-Up Pinhole Camera Co.
Viddy Camera

The Pop-Up Pinhole Camera Co. makes film-based photography a little more magical with Viddy: a build-it-yourself pinhole camera made from sturdy recycled card. Viddy works with both medium format and 35mm film and comes with everything you need—except a small dab of glue—to start shooting. The cute contraption is a fun way to teach young, digital-native kids (or adults) the mechanics of photography.

Deer Dana
Cindy Crawford Beach Towel

Measuring 30 by 60 inches, this Cindy Crawford beach towel by NYC-based portrait drawing duo Deer Dana (aka Kevin Tekinel and Dana Veraldi) is a delightful way to pay homage to a celebrity without going overboard. Complete with Crawford's famous beauty spot, the towel is 100% cotton and sports Deer Dana's charming trademark style.

Steve "ESPO" Powers
Drag Yourself To Work Print

The ever-charming work of Brooklyn-based artist Steve "ESPO" Powers will brighten any wall—even if it's an image of walking garbage, like his "Drag Yourself To Work Day" print. This bold, three-color piece is a 12" x 12" screenprint on 334 gram Coventry Rag and was printed in an edition of 100. It's so delightfully morose that it will spark up even the dullest Mondays.

Basil Hayden's + Quoddy
Bourbon "Drinking Shoe" Set

With their limited edition, handmade gift set, historic bourbon brand Basil Hayden's hopes to answer the question: what makes a good drinking shoe? In seeking an answer for this, they've partnered with family-owned shoe brand Quoddy, from Maine, whose family has been handcrafting shoes for over 100 years. The result is a whiskey-colored shoe hewn from Horween leather—made custom for each buyer. The set also includes leather wrapped rocks glasses, ideal for consuming bourbon.

Bal d'Afrique Bath Oil

Bath oils have a way of making even a brief soak in the tub feel luxurious. With their Bal d'Afrique scented bath oil, Byredo offers robust yet floral aromatics atop a silky texture that's perfect for all genders. The consistently evolving profile begins with bergamot and ends with Moroccan cedarwood. You'll find everything from marigold to musk and jasmine, in between. It's rich but never overwhelming and takes a bath to the next level.

Big Bud
Ladies Heart Enamel Pin

Made in the USA, Big Bud Press' heart-shaped "Ladies" pin is a cute way to wear your heart on your sleeve—or your lapel. Made from bright pink resin (which is then cooked to turn it into tough enamel glass) the pin is hand-polished to make it glossy and smooth. Stay pretty in pink (and gold) and rep for the ladies.

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