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Vintage Impossible Project One Step Camera Kit

A limited edition rerelease of Polaroid's sleek silver Sun 600 (which originally debuted in the '80s) is back on the market, thanks to the Impossible Project—the initiative that acquired all of Polaroid's film production equipment when the company ceased making it in 2008. The kit comes complete with two packs of film, so it's as easy as (carefully) installing a cartridge and snapping away.

Stay Home Club
Stay Home Club T-Shirt

For introverts, homebodies and those with hangovers, this Stay Home Club T-shirt says it all so you don't have to. Designed by Olivia Mew, the white top is made in the USA and printed in Canada, with pale blue lettering and navy cuffs and crewneck. Available in extra-small to double-XL, the T-shirt is unisex but keep in mind it's a slim fit.

Princeton University Press
Welcome to the Universe

Co-authored by Michael Strauss (a professor of astrophysics at Princeton University), J. Richard Gott (professor of astrophysical sciences at Princeton University) and Neil Degrasse Tyson (astrophysicist, cosmologist and Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space), this book about space has some star-power behind it. "Welcome To The Universe" is an introduction to astronomy, but in no way is it dumbed down—rather, readers will feel like they're understanding the impossible. Covering questions about intelligent life, black holes, worm holes and time travel, this book feels almost as infinite as the universe itself.

Anna Karlin
Glass Carafe

Retro-futuristic and perfect for the bar or bedside table, Anna Karlin's glass carafes are just kitsch enough. Available in mint and lavender, pink and blue or a more subtle white and yellow, each is made from handblown glass and holds 1300ml. Not just a pretty design, these pieces are super-functional—with the lid doubling as a cup.

WWA Pillow

With pop culture—and vegetation—references aplenty, BFGF's WWA pillow casts contemporary charm alongside its plush comfort. Jacquard-woven with black backing, this cushion measures in at 17" x 17". Some of the visuals, including Lisa Simpson and the Nike swoosh are regulars on Lilian Martinez's art-based design brand—and they're quite welcome here.

Olivia von Halle
Navy Silk Pajamas

Several steps up from your regular cotton T-shirt and underwear, Olivia von Halle's sleepwear and robes are luxurious. With pretty prices to match, her 100% silk pajamas are divine—with colorways and patterns aplenty. Our pick is the classic navy blue, which is sophisticated and—for those klutzes among us—will hide coffee stains more easily than white.

J W Anderson
Penis-Shaped Keyring

Maybe the perfect gift for the person in your life who has three of everything, J W Anderson's penis-shaped keyring. Available in black, white or red and measuring 17cm (make a joke if you will) this keyring is made from 100% leather and invites all kinds of excellent puns and jokes—which is almost always welcome.

Sriracha Sunshine Organic Chickpea Puffs

Organic, certified gluten-free, vegan, kosher and non-GMO, Hippeas' chickpea puffs are a healthier alternative to potato chips, but are just as satisfying. Super-crunchy and tasty, our pick is the Sriracha Sunshine flavor, which has just the spicy kick you need when it's time for that afternoon treat.

WINDEN + The Rising States
"RAD" Necklace

Tell somebody how you feel about them with this "RAD" necklace from WINDEN and The Rising States, which is available in solid 14k yellow gold. Cast in NYC's Diamond District and soldered in WINDEN's Brooklyn studio, this is a delicate piece, but with a robust message.

Sapira Mattress

Made by Leesa, the Sapira is a one-type-fits-all mattress offering genuine comfort. Its blend of pocket springs and high-performance foams (all 100% American-made) means that it's not too firm, but also doesn't leave you sinking into the bed. There's even a top layer that allows for air flow for those who run hot at night. Available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king options, everybody's needs are met. The company donates one mattress for every 10 sold, and also partners with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant one tree for every mattress sold.

Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Hydrating Cream

Aesop's latest product, Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Hydrating Cream is super-lush and creamy on application, but sinks into skin quickly, leaving it feeling soft and nourished—not oily or sticky. Ultra-hydrating, this product's main ingredient is aloe barbadensis leaf juice—unlike so many other moisturizers that are mostly made up of water. To be used after cleansing one's face, this cream is perfect for anybody whose skin is suffering the winter blues and—like all Aesop products—smells divine.

Bloom Farms
Mountain Ranch, CA: ACDC

Provide safe and enjoyable medicine while removing the stigma from marijuana use, Bloom Farms is yet another impressive company on the "cannabiz" landscape. Their Mountain Ranch ACDC is a sativa-dominant, high-CBD, single-origin strain with a THC:CBD ratio of 1:3 which means patients will gain a sense of calm and muscle relaxation, but with little of the traditional "high." Find out where to buy it on their website.

Unisex Organic Cotton Waffle Robe

Robes tend to reflect a justifiable luxury: they keep you warm and comfy post-shower or whenever you need a little coziness. Here, Coyuchi updates the classic unisex spa robe with an airy waffle pattern. Crafted from fine organic cotton, the robe comes in both gray and Alpine white colorways. Additionally, it's washing-machine safe.

Ring II

Caroline Ventura's minimal jewelry brand brvtvs might be subtle, but clearly makes a sophisticated statement. Handmade in her NYC studio, this 14k gold band is delicate and easily paired with other accessories, but the inside features a hidden detail: a gorgeous conflict-free diamond. Available in sizes 3 to 7, with a white or black diamond, the ring measures a super-fine 2mm.


With education as its primary function, STEMI's hexapod kit teaches users how to build a six-legged robot and then program its movements. Of the many brain-expanding elements, a better understanding of 3D models and electronics' technologies are applicable beyond the exciting toy. All tutorials are housed online and everything users need comes in the box. Smartphone controlled, the Hexapod itself is an educational toy unlike any other.

Art Every Day Notebook

Whether you're suffering from post-holiday blues or a case of the Mondays, usually the best treatment is to kickstart your creativity. One easy and affordable way to do that is a good old doodle or freewrite. This notebook from Poketo is especially useful because it quite literally tells you to get creative—the front (and back) say "Art Every Day."

Intelligent Nutrients
Plant Retinol Science Time Traveler Serum

With such a bold name, one immediately gets a sense of Plant Retinol Science Time Traveler Serum'a goal: to provide anti-aging skincare by way of retinol. Otherwise known as Vitamin A, retinol has been clinically proven to encourage cell growth. With Intelligent Nutrients' product, dark spots can diminish and wrinkles may soften. Not all the ingredients are easy to pronounce but 100% of them stem from natural sources. And with five essential oils at its core, there's a refreshing natural silkiness.

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