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All Products
OneStep 2 Camera Kit

Polaroid OneStep 2 (which shares its name with the Polaroid OneStep that released 40 years ago) boasts the same point-and-shoot functionality as the original, but offers so much more. This new generation has USB charging, a self-timer, a powerful (built-in) flash, a 60-day battery life and more. This kit includes the camera, two sets of Polaroid Originals Color i-Type film, and one set of Polaroid Originals Black + White i-Type film.

Hang Camera Strap

Measuring between 47 to 51 inches, Hardgraft's elegant coal hang camera strap seamlessly binds grey felted wool and rich, vegetable-tanned leather. It's produced in Italy from locally sourced materials. Also included, metal split rings that allow the strap to work with most cameras.

360° Video Camera

With dual wide-angle lenses, the Rylo captures fully immersive 360° spherical video. The tiny device comes with an internal 16GB microSD card but can transmit directly to smartphones with an accompanying app. Crafted from aluminum, it's quite durable when outside of its protective pouch. As for shooting, it's all quite intuitive.

Topo Designs
Camera Cube

With a padded base and sides, Topo's Camera Cube can be placed inside another bag or carried on its own as a safe place to carry your beloved equipment. The interior is adjustable, with two dividers, so can be changed around depending on your snapping adventures and the kit you'll need. With a cinch top, there's a little extra wriggle room too. Made from durable Codura, its capacity is over four liters and it's made in Colorado.

Aperture Foundation
Aperture Magazine Subscription

The Aperture Foundation's mid-tier subscription offers their print edition four times a year, the PhotoBook Review twice, and access to the digital version. Since 1952, Aperture has offered insight, information and art to photography enthusiasts and continues to be a fascinating publication today. From fashion to gender to politics, travel, culture and beyond, the magazine explores almost every topic through photography experts' lenses.

Black Dog + Leventhal
Unseen: Unpublished Black History

Across 304 pages, "Unseen: Unpublished Black History" reveals hundreds of images from the New York Times archives that have never been published. Raising many questions (what stories were they commissioned for, how do they compare to the ones that may have been published, were the people in the photographs not seen as newsworthy, or perhaps were the images were turned in after publication, etc), the collection of images is quite striking—illustrating everyday and extraordinary moments.

CL Mirrorless Camera

The beloved Leica CL has been a favorite among photographers for a long time. Now, the classic has been reinvented as a digital camera. With a Sony 24MP sensor, eye-level EVF, and interchangeable lenses, the camera still remains almost the same size as the original. WiFi-enabled, it's an incredibly responsive camera that will impress users with the quality of images it produces.

Sprocket Photo Printer

Super-light and small, the HP Sprocket makes printing photos from your smartphone incredibly easy. Add filters, stickers or borders (or nothing at all) and simply connect your phone via Bluetooth to watch your creations become tangible prints. Producing photos that measure two by three inches on sticky-backed paper, this handy device is suitable for teenagers and adults alike.

X1D Field Kit

Inside a heavy-duty Pelican carrying case, the Hasselblad X1D field contains just about everything a photographer could need for various photographic conditions. In addition to the X1D-50c body, there are three XCD lenses (30mm, 45mm, and 90mm), outdoor-centric gear including straps, extra batteries and cleaning equipment. It's a comprehensive mirrorless, medium-format starter kit that's both sleek and portable.

Magic Hour Photo Club Snapback

To kick off Magic Hour Photo Club, Booooooom's forthcoming series of photography projects, they've launched with a 100% cotton snapback hat. The limited edition item features a woven label, small camouflage tag, and front and side embroidery. For photographers who dream of the magic hour, it's a nice addition to one's outfit when shooting.

Chronicle Books
"I Fought the Law" Photo Book

Part trivia, part photo book, Olivia Locher's new "I Fought the Law: Photographs by Olivia Locher of the Strangest Laws from Each of the 50 States" is both pretty and witty. Explore the weird and wild laws (some of which still stand) from all over the States—for instance, in Connecticut pickles must bounce in order to be considered pickles officially. With a foreword by poet Kenneth Goldsmith, it's a highly entertaining book.

Instax Square SQ10

Featuring an LCD screen in lieu of a traditional viewfinder, Fujifilm's hybrid Instax Square SQ10 offers instant prints, along with the control and quality of a digital camera. In addition to a digital image sensor, that functions quite well in low light, there are a series of functions affixed to three buttons: 10 different filters, brightness adjustment and vignette control.

CROZ DIY Digital Camera

Taking photography back to the basics, the CROZ DIY Digital Camera only features two buttons: the on/off also acts as the shutter clicker and then one other switch selects photo effects. The design might sound simple—and it is, in a way. The clear acrylic case, however, means that the camera's insides are visible. Two extra lenses (fish-eye and wide-angle) are also included with this purchase.

Ren Hang

An artist at the forefront of gender inclusiveness, Chinese photographer Ren Hang's work is full of nudity, but is somehow not entirely sexual. Certainly NSFW, his work is controversial in his homeland, but embraced elsewhere, and it's completely compelling albeit at times shocking or surprising. Edited by the legendary Dian Hanson, this book is an essential for any photography or Chinese art enthusiast.