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Abercrombie & Kent
Passport to the World

Since 1962 luxury travel experience company Abercrombie & Kent has led adventure-prone individuals on expeditions, safaris and cruises around the world. And for their latest trip, A&K has teamed up with Flexjet for a trip around the world, literally. You and a select group of friends or family will experience seven landmark destinations—from a traditional tea ceremony in Tokyo to a private tour of Le Louvre.

Heckler Design
Heckler Design Cliff

Heckler Design's Cliff display riser and desk drawer offers a sleek alternative to a stack of books. Machined of sturdy powder-coated steel, the unobtrusive desk accessory raises your monitor to eye level, hides wires, adds storage space all while matching Apple's distinct aesthetic.

Luca Nichetto + Lera Moiseeva
Sucabaruca Coffee Set

Designed by Luca Nichetto in collaboration with Lera Moiseeva, Sucabaruca is a ceramic pour-over coffee set created for Canadian design shop Mjölk. The series of conical shapes includes a hand-engraved pot (or decanter) at the base, a large cone as the filter (which fits on top of the pot) and then three rounded cups. The set comes in a three color ways and is a limited edition of 10.

Glencairn Glass
Official Whisky Tasting Glasses

Scottish Glencairn Company partnered with glassware brand Stolzle to create a long-overdue glass to maximize the whiskey tasting and drinking experience. Industry experts engineered a graceful goblet with a slender flute for a proper nosing that mimics the design used by professional tasters the world over.

Wearable Planters
Bike Planters

Using a 3D printer, Atlanta-based designer Colleen Jordan creates small planters that you can wear around your neck or strap to your bike, allowing you to take your favorite succulent on a little adventure.

Crispin Finn
The Bar Is Open (Glow-In-The-Dark Print)

Forget neon—Crispin Finn's three-color silkscreen print shines just as bright when the lights are off. The glow-in-the-dark sign serves as a beacon for those who love a little tipple, and each is hand-printed, dated and embossed.

Abigail Brown
Abigail Brown Textile Art

Made entirely by hand by UK designer Abigail Brown, this sweet little creature will make a colorful addition to any home. Bird watchers, artists and crafters alike will delight in this small ornament made from a mix of recycled and new materials.

100 Points Champagne Glasses

A collaboration with esteemed wine critic James Suckling and world renowned crystal maker Lalique, these glasses are made with the intention of serving champagne by the best means possible. Designed in a neo-classical style with engraved ribbing in Lalique’s signature frosted crystal.

Master & Dynamic
MH 40 Over Ear Headphones

Master & Dynamic designs headphones with the audiophile in mind and an obsession with the interaction between sound and creativity. The MH 40 headphones feature heavy grain leather and soft lambskin and a forged aluminum body, with top-notch audio technology for an immersive sound experience.

Barnaby Barford + Nymphenburg
Global Service Plate (Set of 14)

Designed by RCA grad and UK artist Barnaby Barford as part of Nymphenburg's porcelain collection, the set of 14 Global Service Plates combine to produce a map of the world. Each set is handcrafted by the master artisans at Nymphenburg, the Munich-based manufacture with over 200 years of history.

Massif Central
Jonas Wood Silk Scarf

Brooklyn-based Massif Central invites contemporary visual artists to consider the silk scarf as their canvas, and their just-released second collection features collaborations with Julia Dault, Peter Halley, Chris Martin and more. With each in a limited edition of 50, the scarves—like this one from Jonas Wood—look magnificent on the shoulders as they do framed and hung on walls.

Mitchell & Ness Title Holder Vests

Mitchell & Ness have been purveyors of high quality sporting goods since opening up shop in Philadelphia in 1904. Their Title Holder Vests are a throwback to earlier times, with a retro-styled emblem of your favorite team embroidered across the front. Classy, stylish and sporty all in one.

No Starch Press
If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript

In Twitter engineer Angus Croll's new book "If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript," he imagines how well-known literary figures from James Joyce to J.D. Salinger to Tupac would write JavaScript code. It's a fun, creative exercise that reminds programmers of the similarities between Javascript and natural language—and pushes them to be expressive and elegant in their own way.

Toast Magazine

Readers won't find restaurant reviews, recipes or overly stylized food porn photos in UK print magazine Toast; the long-form editorial content is neatly focused on personal narratives, artwork, history and other creative celebrations food and drink. This is a magazine to savor in and of itself.

Jean de Lillet 2010

The latest limited edition from the acclaimed, elegant French aperitif brand, Jean de Lillet 2010 is created from a combination of the best Sauternes grapes from Bordeaux and an in-house orange liqueur made from the peels of sweet Spanish oranges. Aging in French oak barrels allows for a deeper, rounder taste profile of toasted vanilla in this magical vintage.

Hi Little One
Hi Little One Personalized Tee

Born from designer Nell Lindquist's realization that most baby swag is pretty silly, Hi Little One brings together the sharp, type-driven aesthetic of Lindquist and her sister, Maggie Allen. Pick from thoughtfully personalized, high-quality cottons for babies looking to flaunt their new names, or throw a bone to older siblings who've just had the rug pulled out from under them—AKA, the OG babies of the family.

Alexandra Llewellyn
Pheasant Edition Backgammon

An exceptional tribute to the oldest recorded board game in existence, this backgammon set features a hand-lacquered photographic feather playing field encased in Zebrano wood. Duel using pieces made of antique gold and black aluminum, with laser-cut dice that ensure fair play.

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