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Chen Chen and Kai Williams
Nuggets Keyrings

Designers Chen Chen and Kai Williams' collaborative Greenpoint studio space was flooded during Hurricane Sandy, perhaps causing these Pratt grads to ponder the immense power of the natural world. Their recent collection of keychains raises the question, how will the polymers, the structures, the chemicals and the art that we have created hold up to the freezing and fiery nature of the cosmos? Aptly titled "nuggets," each intricate resin sculpture showcases a dense universe, meant to represent man's forgotten excess of material and its inevitable fusion.

Maple Sugar Cue

Maple syrup enthusiasts are all too aware of how messy and sticky the sweet condiment can be. But most will be thrilled to find out about Tonewood's solid brick of maple syrup. With no pouring required, this block of deliciousness can be grated onto your meal, into your drinks or however you like to enjoy it.

Jean Jullien
Modern Life

Exploring the strange, confusing and oftentimes distressing modern world, French artist Jean Jullien has created a thoughtful and thought-provoking book. While his keen observations on life in the current climate can be a little cheeky, they're always tender. He's an artist whose work shows—time and again—an innate sensitivity to his surroundings, but more importantly, the people who inhabit them. "Modern Life" reveals just how perplexed, entertained and saddened we all can be in the present day.

Scott Henderson Design

While the charm of designer Scott Henderson's self-watering Eleplanter is undeniable, there's more at play than a cute animal reference. The trunk of the elephant actually functions as a watering reservoir, holding two weeks of liquid. The plant and soil rest in a receptacle with tiny weep holes, situated within the porcelain exterior design. The perforation absorption means there's no overflow, over-watering or rising soil. Altogether, it's a clever system for anyone looking for an easy windowsill herb garden.

Made In Kenya Hooded Coat

Drawn from ASOS' latest collaboration with SOKO Kenya, this vibrant wool jacket features a pattern that was actually imagined by school children (as all of this collection was). Features include a fixed hood, shawl lapels and pockets, but it's the uncommon block patterning, reminiscent of the landscape that makes it visually distinct. Further, this piece (as well as all the others) was produced under fair-trade principles.

Mind Journal
Matte Black Journal

Everybody who keeps a journal or sketchbook understands that sometimes it doesn't feel like there's anything to write or draw or even scribble down manically. The acid-free pages of the handmade leather Mind Journal, however, offer encouragement over the course of several pages. From specific tasks to questions and prompts, a Mind Journal will get some kind of creation from you. Price is in Euros.

Tivoli Audio
Cube Wireless Speaker

Tivoli Audio’s new ART collection wireless speakers (including the CUBE, as well as an ORB option) deliver clean sound in design object wrapping and can be used alone or in groups to fill your house. It’s a lot of sound, flexibility and style for the price. The CUBE provides deeper sound, while the ORB emits bigger sound with more bass. Fabric covers by Gabriel offer a range of styles and coloration.

Barista Life
Infuser Water Bottle

Crafted by a barista, this vessel is double-walled and can keep liquids hot for 12 hours or cold for 22 hours. But more than a regular water bottle, the Barista Bottle comes complete with an infuser, so you can brew tea (hot or cold) and infuse your water with your favorite fruits to convince yourself to stay hydrated. Available in black, white or silver, it holds 500mL.

Carthage Parka

Pragmatic details define this army green jacket, but rather than ending up looking like a tech-heavy piece, it's both super-stylish and contemporary. Made from 100% cotton canvas, the Carthage Parka comes complete with a hood, fishtail, full zip and button closure, and button-up pockets to keep your treasures safe. Perhaps intended for wear by men, its shape and aesthetic work for all genders.

Princeton Architectural Press
Finding Home Notecards

Whether dog lovers or not, recipients of one of Traer Scott's gorgeous notecards will surely be touched by them. The photographer captured the personality of 12 shelter dogs in black and white portraits that seem to glow, but the clincher is that alongside each photograph is the story of the pooch's adoption. Much more than a newsstand gift card, the set of Finding Home notecards includes 12 cards and envelopes, and a bunch of emotion.
Compliment Pencil Set

This set of 10 brightly colored pencils—all number two graphite—comes complete with compliments on them, for days when you're feeling insecure, have a case of writers' block or just need a little boost. Emblazoned with phrases like, "Yes You Totally Can" and "You're a Total Champ," the pencils also have erasers attached—but the positive vibes mean you won't get too down on yourself if you make a mistake.

Savannah Hayes
Zadar Throw Blanket

When extended to its full five feet length, two things become evident about textile artist Savannah Hayes' Zadar Throw Blanket. First, the bold graphic patterning is balanced (in this instance) by the subtle pewter and white coloration and the light blue accent. Second, it's a product made to be used—crafted from cotton and polyester to encourage warmth when it's needed. Hayes' eponymous brand is only a year old, but the Zadar Throw Blanket (and her array of other graphic textiles) have us excited for what's to come.

Pixel Daypack

A super-functional backpack, the Osprey flap-style Pixel Daypack offers almost every feature a savvy commuter would need. From a mesh back panel to keep you dry when it's swampy weather, to a padded laptop sleeve as well as a separate tablet sleeve. Another desirable detail is the scratch-free pocket for sunglasses—for those who forget their case. Available in blue, gray or black, the Pixel is comfortable to carry and minimal in its design—making it wearable for all genders and styles.

Hello Happy Plants
Big Thank You Bag Planter

Handmade, a bit clever, and sure to brighten any room with positive energy, this planter is crafted to look like a "Thank You" shopping bag. Measuring approximately 10 by 6 inches, it comes with an airplant and Hello Happy Flowers even offers a discount on your purchase if you sign a petition to get plastic bags banned in Florida.

Random House
The Girls: a Novel

A beautifully written book, Emma Cline's debut novel "The Girls" explores the secret lives of adolescent girls; the perils of the in-between. Set in the late '60s in Northern California, it's a story not just of young women, but an of era and a Manson-like cult set within. This compelling read balances a scandalous story with fascinating characters and genuine emotion. It's a tale all can devour.

Lazy Oaf
"Not Now" Hoodie

Made for a Monday, Lazy Oaf's new "Not Now" hoodie is technically part of their men's range, but we think its boxy shape (and universal sentiments) means it's really unisex. With 3D embroidery on the front and back ("Lazy" and "Not Now" respectively) this sweater embodies bad moods, but in an almost sweet way. Made from 100% cotton, it's available in small, medium, large and extra large. Price is in British Pounds.

Sabina Gibson
Stegosaurus Stuffed Toy

Designed by Sabina Gibson, this peach-colored Stegosaurus is much smaller, cuter and cuddlier than the real thing. Made for kids aged three and up, the jurassic creature has a wool felt body and polyester filling—so s/he is snuggly. Available on its own, or as a set of four (along with a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus and Triceratops) this little pal will encourage tots to use their imagination and maybe even learn about the prehistorical world.

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