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Super OG Kush Shorts

Made from 100% premium cotton, Monitaly's "Super OG Kush" shorts feature an all-over marijuana leaf print, but in a non-traditional colorway that makes it a little less easy to identify. Black serves as the background while the leaves are in shades of blue, green, yellow and brown. Sitting just above the knee, these shorts have a neat double-fold hem and a zipper fly.

Three Plant System

With everything needed to grow at home, the Three Plant System comes with buckets, lights (180 watts with spectrum control) and more. The SmartHub controls light, hydration and nutrient dosage and pairs with a free app to control settings and get notifications. Depending on your strain and the desired light cycle, you could grow plants to maturity in as little as eight weeks.

Tanner Goods
Herb Grinder

A dual functioning grinder and storage container, this CNC machined high-grade aluminum object uses Neodymium magnets to hold together and locks airtight. It's all made in Portland, Oregon and Tanner Goods has-laser etched their new "Stay Green" graphic on its surface to keep the message strong. As cannabis culture gets further entrenched in the luxury world (openly), this is an item that should appeal to the refined smoker.

Pollen Gear
Child-Resistant Glass Jar Collection

With their beautiful, patent-pending design, Pollen Gear has introduced a series of glass jar collections. Beyond preserving the freshness of the contents within, the jars are airtight, smell-proof and water-resistant. Further, each is child-resistant—providing a safe space for storing something special. The jars are available in a range of sizes and finishes. Reach out to Pollen Gear online for purchase information and pricing.

hmbldt + Mister Green
GO420 T-Shirt

Made from 5.5 ounce premium ring-spun cotton, this limited edition T-shirt was made by two of our favorite cannabis-friendly brands: hmbldt and Mister Green. With a minimal design and positive message, it's made in California and comes in sizes from XS through XXL. With imagery front and back, this T-shirt has been screen printed.

Oil Infuser

Get extra creative in the kitchen with small-batch infused oils and butters made through this nifty appliance. Able to add flavor and impart nutrients, users can infuse with herbs, fruits and other ingredients. With precise time and temperature controls, the infuser's reservoir is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Plus, there's a child-lock option.

Silver Stick
Leather Kit

Small enough to stow in a pocket, SilverStick's Typewriter Black leather pouch comes complete with a streamlined one-hitter and cap, 25 natural cotton filters, a stainless steel poker and an airtight container. The handcrafted Horween leather kit can also fit a lighter, but doesn't come with one. Each kit is made in the USA, and details like direction etchings on the inside make it truly considered and convenient.

Sexy Time Personal Intimacy Oil

Whether you're playing with a partner, as part of a team or solo, Apothecanna's Sexy Time personal intimacy oil is actually applied 15 minutes beforehand. By massaging the oil into one's neck, chest and erogenous zones, it enhances sensitivity and blood flow. Made with jasmine, coconut, argan and cannabis, it also boasts a subtle but pleasing fragrance.

Tsubota Pearl
Mesh Mobile Ashtray

Help keep the earth nice and tidy with a mobile mesh ashtray from esteemed Tokyo brand Tsubota Pearl. Drop your roaches or butts in the lined pouch when puffing on the go.

Rainbow Papers

Add even more whimsy to the festive nature of sharing a spliff with Sweetflag's swirling rainbow rolling papers. The vintage Spanish pattern is printed on 1.25-inch wide papers and designed to elevate everyday rituals.

Kent Stetson
Herb Clutch

Say it loud, say it proud with Kent Stetson's pot leaf-patterned Herb Clutch (which also has a removable cross-body chain). Complete with a spliff-like embellishment, each accessory is made in the US and is individually signed.

Sculptural Storage Jars

Darkroom's colorful, hand-dyed cork lids turn the average aluminum storage jar into a sculptural container and keep coffee, tea or weed super fresh.

Cinnamon Projects
Circa Incense Burner

Cinnamon Projects' elegant incense burner is inspired by traditional 16th century koh-do ceremonies in Japan, which are thought to remove impurities, refresh the spirit and bring about a moment of peace. "Circa" comes packed in a handsome gift box and includes the solid brass burner and 50-stick set of five scents, each designed for a particular time of day.

Jacquie Aiche
Snakeskin Charm Lighter

There's no smoke without fire. Keep your lighter safe with one of these beautiful snakeskin cases from Beverly Hills-based designer Jacquie Aiche. The burgundy, black, cognac, cobalt or turquoise sheaths are adorned with a rebellious sweet leaf charm in gold vermeil, 14K rose or yellow gold.

Pursuits of Happiness
Aero Pipe

Take it back to the basics with this wonderfully simple pipe from Portland-based studio Pursuits of Happiness. Duo April Brimer and Pavel Cherny dutifully hand-make each piece from start to finish, in teal, green or pink.

Penelope Gazin
Romantic Bong Keychain

LA-based artist Penelope Gazin puts a romantic spin on the male-dominated world of bong rips. This enamel keychain allows the sweet stoner in your life to subtly show off marijuana prowess.

Puffco Plus

The Puffco Plus is not a typical pen vape that uses oil cartridges. It's designed for dabbing, which has long been considered more sketchy than chic given the tools necessary to vaporize cannabis concentrate. Puffco's design elevates the product—and arguably the idea of marijuana use—with a discreet, ceramic implement that doesn't get too hot to touch but delivers full flavor.

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