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Pannier Leather Bucket Bag

Made with buttery white calfskin leather with black contrast edges, Italian label Marni's Pannier bucket bag combines luxury with modernism. The bright red acrylic ring handle makes the otherwise understated piece, but the combination remains sophisticated and stylish. With a removable shoulder strap, snap closure and a super-useful leashed zip pouch, this is a timeless accessory.

Washington Square Watches
Greenwich Black Watch

It all comes down to the details with Washington Square Watches' Greenwich Black, a 38mm square wristwatch in all black stainless steel with a coppery rose gold-like seconds subdial and indices. Still in the minimal design category, this watch distances itself from competitors thanks to various unexpected finishes. Further, there's a Japanese quartz movement inside and a Made in the USA genuine leather, that's customizable with a set of initials for free.

Zero Halliburton
Camo 20" International Lightweight Carry-On

Limited to 10 pieces, Zero Halliburton's polycarbonate and impact-resistant Camo 20" International Lightweight Carry-On weighs less than five pounds. The exclusive camo colorway makes a statement, but so do all the features found within, from multiple pockets to a removable mesh dividing panel and a ZH Global Tracking function and a TSA-approved combination lock. It moves easily, while keeping everything inside safe and organized.

Big Sur Room Spray

Made with 100% essential oils, this room spray was crafted to smell like California's lovely central coast—Big Sur. With balsam fir, citrus and birch tar, it's woody but fresh. Add a few drops to an oil diffuser or simply spray directly from the bottle.

Tomorrow Sleep

Tracking your heart rate, breathing, movement and more, Tomorrow Sleep's Sleeptracker helps users make sense of their sleeping patterns. From there, it also offers personalized suggestions for better rest. The iOS/Android app can be synched with Alexa, and can track one or two people at a time. Unlike many sleep-tracking devices, this one sits under your mattress so you won't even know it's there.

Third Drawer Down + Frances Cannon
Dancing Ladies Tea Towel

Frances Cannon's "Dancing Ladies"-themed illustrations have been a longtime favorite of Melbourne-based studio Third Drawer Down, and now they've put the artwork on a dish towel. Made from a cotton/linen blend, this pink towel celebrates all kinds of women's bodies and is sure to make doing the washing up much more entertaining.

Raven + Lily
Silver Lake Candle

More than hand-poured soy enriched with tropical fruit scents, the Silver Lake Candle from Raven + Lily is produced by women who have transitioned out of homelessness in the Los Angeles area. A lush mango and grapefruit profile arises from the eight-ounce nature-inspired object. Just as soothing, however, is the idea of empowering women who need more employment opportunities.

Nice Laundry
True Ribbed Solid Socks

It seems that just about everyone wears zany socks nowadays, with wild colors or unexpected patterns all about. For those who don't want their personality to shine through their feet, Nice Laundry has a respectable new proposal: dynamic solids. This is a set of eight premium cotton-blend ribbed sock pairs, that offers staples like navy, grey and brown—but there's also a bright blue, maroon and pink for the days when one might be feeling a little more daring.

Of A Kind
Professional Enthusiast Cashmere Sweater

Super-soft and made from 100% cashmere, Of A Kind's collaborative "Professional Enthusiast" sweater with Lingua Franca isn't just a luxe addition to your wardrobe. There's a positive message—or a phrase of encouragement—embroidered across the chest. That said, there's also plenty of positivity behind the scenes too—with all proceeds going to Her Justice, an NYC organization that offers free legal advice to women in need.

Mr and Mrs Smith
Boutique Hotel Gift Card

Starting at $50, Mr and Mrs Smith's "Get a Room!" gift cards can be used at any Smith hotel. From Patagonia to Siem Reap, Karnataka to Fiji and beyond, there are 1105 hotels to choose from—each as appealing as the last. Choose from limited edition designs on the front, and add your own personal message inside to help somebody get a little closer to their dream vacation.

Brilliant Bicycle Co
L Train Bike

Created with April of 2019 in mind (when NYC's L Train is set to shut down), Brilliant Bicycle Co's L Train Bicycle is a sturdy and sleek daily commuter. Bumps are smoothly absorbed and at high speeds it handles confidently. Perhaps most importantly to many NYC inhabitants, it's light—at a walkup-friendly 27 pounds. Along with an internal gearing system, the bike is powered by an ultra-durable and grease-free carbon Gates belt drive. Available in Subway Grey or Hudson Blue.

Miwak Junior
Papa Papa Charlie

From a high-temperature production process that renders each bowl extra-sturdy (and slightly different from one another), Miwak Junior crafts ceramic smoking bowls and pipes in their California studio. The Papa Papa Charlie iteration features a large, hollow interior with a smooth, hand-finished exterior. It's beautiful, textured, easy-to-use and to clean.

Love + Destroy
One Hitter

Available in polished gold-plated steel, matte black or stainless steel, Love + Destroy's 3D-printed one hitter is a simple, minimal and travel-happy piece. With space for 18 characters, it's also free to customize with almost any word or name you like.


One no longer has to have a green thumb to grow their own greenery. With Cloudponics' automated GroBox hydroponic system, which comes complete with LED light and nutrient dosing, plant growth can be overseen through an app—while the box itself does everything else. According to the brand, if done correctly the system produces eight ounces of weed in three months. There also happens to be an automated lock on the GroBox door.

"Keep Going" Tote

According to Everytown's research, an average of 93 Americans die because of gun violence every single day. This "Keep Going" tote bag from the independent, non-partisan organization is a reminder that despite the setbacks faced there's no way we can give up trying to make changes to gun laws and education in the United States. Made from natural canvas in the USA, this bag serves as a positive affirmation that will hopefully motivate.

Gold Eyelet Tamper

Made in Portland, Oregon, this 24k gold-dipped brass piece has a double use: a roach-holder and a tamper. Minimal in its design and three inches long, it can even be worn as a pendant.

Beboe Cannabis Pastilles

Made from organic ingredients and flavored naturally, Beboe's cannabis pastilles are certainly a sophisticated edible. Each candy contains five milligrams of Sativa blend THC and three milligrams of CBD—plus there's a natural accelerant for your body to absorb it, so you won't have any nasty surprises. Only available in California, to those who can legally purchase marijuana.

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