Karen Kimmel
Leather Moon Coasters

Multi-disciplinary designer Karen Kimmel hand-paints each set of four leather coasters to look like the moon's surface in tribute to the Japanese art of ink marbling. Crafted in a range of pastel hues, each set arrives in a screen-printed muslin bag and is ready for drinkable lunar landings.

Magnets The Game
Magnets The Game

We've all been mesmerized by magnets since childhood. Now, a new game utilizes a handful of tiny ones and a ring-like "playing field." Users toss a magnet into the space, and when they begin to stack up, the user collects. The game doesn't end till all have been stacked together and collected. It's a simple game about attraction and repulsion, with the laws of nature as the referee.

Mathieu Lehanneur
Take Time Watch

Designer Mathieu Lehanneur juxtaposes sleek silicone with the old-fashioned convention of a pocketwatch in the Take Time! watch. Convertible in three ways, the timepiece can be worn as a wristwatch, carried as a pocketwatch, or hung; and comes in a range of bright and neutral hues.

Middle Finger Planter

If you've ever wanted to make a bold statement with a piece of nicely designed home decor, FPOAFM's Middle Finger Planter will top your wish list. They recommend an Andes Mountain cactus, a prickly, phallic plant that stands up against the world without a hint of regret.

Boost Solar Backpack

BirkSun's Boost Solar Backpack doesn't just carry your devices in a sharp little package, it keeps them powered up with the help of a sleek solar panel on the back. The interior features a fleece-lined laptop sleeve and small, discreet dock to plug in computeres, tablets, smartphones, you name it.

The Astronaut's Cookbook

Get a little taste of the astronaut’s life with this book of space food recipes that can be prepared in a kitchen much closer to home. Written by NASA veterans Charles T Bourland and Gregory L Vogt, The Astronaut’s Cookbook is filled with fun facts and anecdotes about eating in zero gravity.

CH + Dandelion Chocolate + Snarkitecture
CH Editions: Dandelion Chocolate + Snarkitecture Break Bar

This year we paired San Francisco's Dandelion Chocolate with NYC-based design studio Snarkitecture to create a chocolate bar that would play to their respective talents. The resulting Break Bar is made from 70% chocolate made from Maya Mountain, Belize beans, and is formed in Snarkitecture's trademark broken slab style. Five of the 500 limited edition bars include a “White Ticket” which is good for a non-edible sculpture designed by Snarkitecture. All proceeds benefit Southern Exposure, a San Francisco-based non-profit organization committed to supporting visual artists since 1974.

We-Vibe 4 Plus

The number one selling couples vibrator brand's latest offering brings the tech level up a notch. The We-Vibe 4 Plus is ergonomically designed to fit inside the vagina (and there's plenty room left for him to slide in) and stimulates the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously during sex–and with the new app, the vibrator can be controlled from anywhere around the world, so you can play even when you're apart.

Kristian Stahl
Fossilized Mammoth Tusk Dice

While mammoth tusk is entirely legal to hunt, obtaining it is a still major battle with the forces of nature found in the Siberian tundra. The fossilized tusks of these Paleolithic beasts are frozen within the ice, and though their ivory is fair game, it's rare. Own a tiny piece of prehistoric times with Scandinavian artist/jeweler Kristian Stahl's hand-painted fossilized mammoth tusk dice, a set sure to bring about a little luck.

Joshua Tree Coffee Company
Joshua Tree Coffee

A desert may seem an odd place to find high-end, small-batch coffee beans, but Joshua Tree native Royce Robertson is making just that. Fresh, Fair Trade beans are stored in custom-built, climate-controlled containers, then hand-roasted and immediately packed into resealable bags. The upshot is a delicious brew from a surprising source at an accessible price.

Universe Starlight Leggings

Hit the gym in style in Nualime's gorgeous watercolor Universe Starlight Leggings. Made with NuaCompress fabric to help smooth and shape up your assets, these leggings will look great whether you're running a marathon or just running errands.

Manifest Design
Quarry Tribal Pendent

This large modernist pendant—one side pounded metal, one side smooth—is one of the highlights from the sand-casted sculptural jewelry by the young, family-owned business Manifest Design. Like a vinyl record, the triangular piece offers something different on each side.

Judi Powers Jewelry
Aquamarine Water Drop Ring

Judi Powers has been making a name for herself with her whimsical, ethically-sourced jewelry collection, all designed and crafted in her Brooklyn studio. Powers' Water Drop ring is an understated stunner, with an aquamarine cabochon gemstone set in recycled sterling silver. Powers cites the ocean as her inspiration, saying that the cool blue color of the cabochon is both "soothing and appealing."

The Brothers Crisp
St. Crispins Day Boot

Handmade in Connecticut with rich 7oz leather from Chicago's celebrated Horween tannery, the St. Crispins Day Boot is a sturdy six inch boot built for roughing
it in the woods or a long day in the city. The vegetable-tanned, cognac-hued leather upper is accented with vintage tweed and waxed olive Cone Mills duck canvas, and finished with sturdy a Vibram sole.

Daniel Michalik Furniture Design
CH + AmDC: Cork Box

Known for his cork furniture, Daniel Michalik started experimenting with the material in early 2004 when he was still finishing his graduate degree at the Rhode Island School of Design. Michalik's talent for the medium is evident in everything from lounge chairs to toy boats, as well as this 5"-square cubed secret stash box created specially for Cool Hunting.

Steven Alan
Reversible Bomber

Two understated looks emerge from Steven Alan's Reversible Bomber. On one side you have dark gray worsted wool, and on the other there's a slightly edgier black canvas to contend with. Different day, different look, same quality jacket.

Burgundy Assemblage

This sleek merino wool felt and calfskin leather sleeve from Deok is as luxurious as it is versatile. Perfect for carrying everything from magazines and important documents to tablets, the sleeve offers durable shock-proof protection for electronics. Expect this to be a daily companion and travel essential.

Turnbull & Asser
Leather Business Card Holder

As purveyors to the royal family, historic British brand Turnbull & Asser has served as a symbol of fine British craftsmanship since 1885. But they don't just worry about looking dapper—they also developed a raincoat which doubled as a sleeping bag for the British Military during WWI. Their simple leather business card holder, for example, goes through 10 manufacturing stages before a final hand-polish.

A Peace Treaty
Constellation Neon Scarf

A Peace Treaty pays homage to the exuberant acrylic paintings of artist Jeffrey Gibson in the form of an oversized scarf. The ultra-soft wrap features his signature irregular geometric mosaic pattern edged by a border of colorful dots.

Tie Mags
Tie Mags

Traditionally, to prevent a tie from flip-flopping all over the place, tie clips required, poking holes in the accessory, while tie bars clamp down quite hard and still leave a mark. Now, with an array of handsome options, Tie Mags utilizes industrial-strength magnets to lock a tie into place—with no harm done to the tie itself. Their lovely collection keeps things neat, without the longterm damage.

A Detacher
Japanese Ceramic Coffee Bowl

Coffee plays an important role in many lives, and it deserves the proper vessel. The Japanese Ceramic Coffee Bowl sold by A Detacher offers a satisfyingly rotund mug for your brew with the ultimate balance of beauty, simplicity and function.

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