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Krug + Berluti
Wild Journey Champagne Backpack

For a third year, prestige champagne house Krug has partnered with Italian luxury brand Berluti on a bag. This year, the Wild Journey champagne backpack features Berluti's signature Venezia leather on the outside, finished with a dark cherry patina. Inside, however, one finds thermofoil lining with a removable insulated insert. This creates the perfect nook to cart Krug champagne while maintaining an ideal temperature. Further, the set comes with a chrome stopper and two Krug Rosé glasses. It's fancy but certainly efficient.

Lyric Speaker

In an edition of just 15 units (produced per month), COTODAMA's Lyric Speaker beautifully displays the words of some two million songs as they play. Much more than just a traditional karaoke bouncing ball screen, this handmade product is a design object as well as a functional one. Made in Japan, this WiFi-enabled speaker's track collection will continue to grow.

Ernie Ball Music Man
St Vincent Guitar

A collaborative design between powerhouse musician St Vincent and the engineering team of Ernie Ball Music Man, this electric guitar looks and sounds like no other. From the hand-rubbed rosewood neck and fingerboard to St Vincent inlays, Schaller locking tuners and a five-way pick-up selector, the custom configurations make it quite the sonic force. When the guitar first launched it was available in black or custom Vincent Blue, a color hand-mixed by Annie Clark, but it has now expanded to Polaris White, Heritage Red, Tobacco Burst, and Stealth Black as well.

Copenhagen Wheel

Any bike can become an electric bike with the help of a Copenhagen Wheel. Wire-free and incorporating a battery and motor, this wheel offers speed and power assistance/boosts for up to 30 miles per charge. It weights 16.8 pounds but more than makes up for it with its advanced e-bike technology, including a regenerating mode where downhill cycling regenerates the batteries. It's also app-connected and includes Bluetooth technology.

CL Mirrorless Camera

The beloved Leica CL has been a favorite among photographers for a long time. Now, the classic has been reinvented as a digital camera. With a Sony 24MP sensor, eye-level EVF, and interchangeable lenses, the camera still remains almost the same size as the original. WiFi-enabled, it's an incredibly responsive camera that will impress users with the quality of images it produces.

X1D Field Kit

Inside a heavy-duty Pelican carrying case, the Hasselblad X1D field contains just about everything a photographer could need for various photographic conditions. In addition to the X1D-50c body, there are three XCD lenses (30mm, 45mm, and 90mm), outdoor-centric gear including straps, extra batteries and cleaning equipment. It's a comprehensive mirrorless, medium-format starter kit that's both sleek and portable.

Cowboy Cauldron
Ranch Boss Fire Pit

With a 6'4" tripod height, a vast basin and even larger diameter, Cowboy Cauldron's Ranch Boss can hold a number of full logs and create a perimeter large enough for a whole family to sit around and enjoy. This is an outdoor tool for grilling on, cooking in or simply for taking in warmth while outside. Each cauldron has been crafted from solid, seamless, high-tensile plate steel—and while that alludes to its functionality and durability, it's also a beast of simple beauty.

Mr Porter
Ressence Type 1 MRP

Since their launch in 2010, Ressence—designer Benoît Mintiens's groundbreaking watch brand—has continued to release pieces that defy the ordinary, employing a unique disc-based mechanical system and a minimal, geometric aesthetic to match. In 2015, men's style destination Mr Porter began to stock the brand and now the two have united for a limited edition collaborative collection, in two styles. Our personal favorite, the Type 1 MRP in grade-five titanium features a night-blue metallic dial. A 42mm case holds the brand's proprietary ROCS 1 module, which powers the timepiece. Only 12 of these watches will be produced.

L'Epée 1839 by Fiona Krüger
The Vanitas Clock

Beyond its uncommon shape (a signature of the Fiona Krüger brand), the Vanitas wall clock truly impresses with its vivid interior color profile. The result of a collaboration between namesake watchmaker Fiona Krüger and historic manufacturer L'Epée 1839, the Vanitas is an engineering feat with a movement that matches the case (with an escapement appearing as the third eye). As time passes—with the piece offering more than 35 days running time before needing to be wound—the mouth changes and the lips part. This iteration (there's also an all-black version) is limited to 50 pieces.

Judd Foundation
Corner Chair 15

Designed in 1984 by visionary artist Donald Judd, the Corner Chair 15 (along with a bunch of other Judd creations) are now available online. Produced in 24 different colorways, the chair measures 75cm by 50cm by 50cm. Prices vary depending on the finish, but start at $6,900. Donald Judd furniture is on view at the Judd Foundation booth at Frieze New York this year.
Three Plant System

With everything needed to grow at home, the Three Plant System comes with buckets, lights (180 watts with spectrum control) and more. The SmartHub controls light, hydration and nutrient dosage and pairs with a free app to control settings and get notifications. Depending on your strain and the desired light cycle, you could grow plants to maturity in as little as eight weeks.

Loft Record Console

Made from high-quality North American Walnut, Wrensilva's new Loft console is a beautiful and useful piece. Capable of playing music via vinyl, Sonos, mobile (3.5mm jack) or auxiliary (RCA), it's a music machine that will complement almost any room in the home. Additionally, there's storage for 120 records, making the Loft the pinnacle of form meeting function.