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Tank Top Yarn Dyed Seattle

Stripes have been beach appropriate since the Victorian era, but tank tops are certainly more modern—and hemp tanks even more so. With Jungmaven's made-in-USA, 55% Hemp and 45% organic cotton striped tank, it's the best of all worlds. And while the hemp adds structure, the cottons keeps the shirt soft, breathable and ultimately comfortable.

Spark Mini Drone

Two factors come into play when considering a drone purchase: size and capability. With the brand new Spark, tech firm DJI has struck an ideal balance—a palm-sized quadcopter that carries some of the best features available. As expected, there's a stabilized camera that snags 1080 video and 12mp images in various shooting modes. It's DJI's other developments that truly impress though, from the drone's range (1.2 miles) to intuitive functions like FaceAware (where the drone quick-launches from your hand because it recognizes your face) and Simple Control (which allows for direction changes without a remote, using only arm gestures). The Spark is top of its class and can fly for up to 16 minutes uninterrupted at speeds of 50 km/h. It also comes complete with a free 16-GB microSD card. Shipping for the Spark is slated for 15 June.

UTOP/A Tote Bag

Made from heavyweight 100% cotton canvas, this PAM (Perks and Mini) tote is printed on each side—with "UTOP/A" on one, and a black screen-print of a surreal scene (complete with a pyramid and an eyeball) on the other. There's a large pocket inside with a chunky zipper, and it's available in three different colorways. Perfect for a beach adventure or weekend away. Price is in Euros.

Powerhouse Books
"Bros & Brosephines"

Exiled Russian photographer and artist Slava Mogutin explores traditional notions of masculinity and beauty in his new hardcover "Bros & Brosephines." Even more than that, Mogutin's images confront gender, sexuality, fetishes, youth, and style. From raw and candid portraits to elaborate fashion shoots and previously unreleased images, the book includes a preface by Zachary Drucker, an essay by David J Getsy, and an epilogue by Bruce LaBruce.

Have a Good Time
"Have a Good Time" Umbrella

Based in Nakameguro, Tokyo, Have a Good Time is a small design crew with big and bold style. With a very simple, optimistic message this patterned umbrella invokes the brand name and features "Have a good time" printed repeatedly, but looks abstract from further away. Made from 100% polyester, it has a wooden handle and a velcro strap for when it's not in use.

Shine Pomade

In the same way they brought a thoughtful refresh to the barbershop concept, the folks at Rudy's have done the same for hair products. Of their three pomades (which include a Clay and Matte option), we've been taken with the Shine finish. The medium hold provides enough support but the gentle formula washes out easily. This made-in-the-USA grooming item also handles all hair types and lends a natural texture.

Hatje Cantz
The Fourth BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors

Written collaboratively by Silvia Anna Barrilà, Nicole Büsing, Heiko Klaas, and Christiane Meixner, The Fourth BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors features 256 private collections of contemporary art that the public can actually view. With collections all over the world, in 43 countries from Lebanon to Japan and Ukraine, the book boasts an array of impressive, diverse artworks. Featuring foundations and individuals, tastes and interests vary in a most fascinating way. Take a browse out of curiosity or use it to plan an indie art trip.

Talus Cashmere Hoodie

Made from super-lightweight and incredibly soft 100% organic cashmere (sourced from Mongolia) Naadam's hoodie is a luxurious take on a classic. While cashmere is usually viewed as a cold weather fabric, the lightweight nature of the Talus Hoodie means it's seasonless—it breathes and provides warmth. Perfect for cool nights and travel. Milled in Italy, this piece features exposed seams, a kangaroo pocket and two-way zipper.

Osmo Explorer Kit

The award-winning game system Osmo changes the way kids interact and learn while using an iPad. Making it less about swiping and more about hand-on play, the Explorer Kit includes different programs—some of which center on numbers, math, business, problem-solving, science and more. Our favorite is Coding Jam, the musical program that includes blocks which can be arranged in patterns and sequences to create songs.

Lowball 2: The Pinch

Upon first glance, Discommon's new Lowball 2: The Pinch already looks like a drastically different snifter. For starters, it's made from aerospace-grade aluminum which is then machined to create a striking texture, and not just for aesthetic reasons; it also helps with grip. But look a little closer and you'll see the inside of the snifter is shaped like an hourglass in order to make your whiskey taste its best. An ideal bar addition for serious enthusiasts.

The Skateroom + Ai Weiwei
Study of Perspective: The White House, 2017 Skate Decks

In response to the current American government, The Skateroom has collaborated with two political artists—Ai Weiwei and Shepard Fairey—on limited edition skateboard decks. Done in an edition of 666, "Study of Perspective—The White House, 2017" sees the iconic Ai Weiwei image of his middle finger pointed toward the White House set across three skate decks. Proceeds from the boards' sales will go to a number of relevant NGOs including including B’Tselem, Halklarin köprüsü, and The Ampliphier Foundation.

Warby Parker
Limited Edition Robert Rauschenberg Sunglasses

Inspired by the colors Robert Rauschenberg used in his beloved ROCI project, these three new Warby Parker sunglasses are bright and playful—perfect for the summer months. The Primrose Crystal pink hue comes with brown lenses, while the Crystal Marina green and Cerulean Crystal blue have mirrored lenses. With 100% UV protection and an anti-scratch coating, they are a highly functional set of shades made in collaboration with the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation.

Paul Tuller
LGBTQ Chechnya T-Shirt

In response to ​Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov's statement that no gay people exist in the nation—and frequent reports that the region's queer community is under grave duress—NYC-based artist Paul Tuller created this LGBTQ Chechnya T-shirt. All 100% of proceeds from sales will be donated to The Russian LGBT Network, an NGO that has been working to extract members of the queer community from Chechnya safely. Available in small, medium, large, and double XL.

U Brand
Copper Letter Sorter

Not that long ago, decent-looking desk accessories were wildly expensive. Everything else was in the form of plastic tubs or looked like back-to-school gear. This gold wire letter sorter is a happy medium—not only will it help with organization, it won't make a dent in your wallet. At 6.41 by 4.13 inches, it's minimal enough not to clutter up your desk or entryway table.

Maison Labiche
"Enfant Terrible" Sweatshirt

This very sweet raglan pullover is emblazoned with the words "enfant terrible," for the cheeky child in your life. Embroidered with a chain stitch, the sweatshirt is available in pale blue or purple—obviously intended for all genders. Available in sizes two years to 10 years, it's an item many grown-ups will surely covet. Price is in Euros.

Jason Markk
Travel Shoe-Cleaning Kit

For anybody who travels for work or simply likes to make a good impression, a rainy day or unexpected spill can throw your appearance out. Perfect for some of these minor catastrophes, Jason Markk's travel shoe-cleaning kit means you won't have to panic and buy a new pair of wheels—rather you can spruce up the ones on your feet. This kit includes a two-ounce premium shoe cleaner, a mini premium brush, microfiber towel, and three wipes—all of which are TSA-approved and made in the USA.

CDLP + Jonas Åkerlund
All-Black Boxer Briefs

Made from super-soft Lyocell (ecological wood pulp) and a little elastane, these CDLP + Jonas Åkerlund collaboration boxer briefs are comfortable and long-lasting. Odor-resistant, they're also crafted from the blackest of black fabric—and are made to stay that way thanks to extreme color-resistance. We especially love the logo-free waistband. This sophisticated underwear comes with a limited edition Jonas Åkerlund photograph and a black mesh laundry bag.

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