The Macallan Rare Gift Guide

The Macallan Rare Gift Guide

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Michael Shindler
Tintype Photo Session

Artist Michael Shindler revived the 19th century tintype photography process in his San Francisco studio, creating beautiful portraits with an old-fashioned and almost haunting feel. The handcrafted method is a painstaking process Shindler recreates on modern-day equipment, preserving a sense of nostalgia with contemporary clarity. Contact Shindler to book a personal four-session anywhere within the continental United States.

Barber & Osgerby
Lanterne Marine

Royal College of Art alums Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby may be best known for designing the 2012 Olympic torch, but the industry vets—who teamed up in 1998—have a diverse portfolio of bespoke objects. One such is Lanterne Marine, a hand-blown sculptural glass flower vase uniquely crafted by the master artisans at Venini and inspired by the lamps hanging from boats along the Venetian lagoon on the way to Murano.

Van Heesch Design
Copper Bike

Designed as an antidote to the piles of steel commuter bikes that line the walks and whiz through the streets of Amsterdam, Van Heesch Design's Copper Bike—an edition limited to 10—transcends any adherence to drab utility. As copper's natural patina sets in the bicycle shows off the structural elegance of a familiar object with the handy ability to get you from here to there.

Rare Whisky Glasses

Inspired by the pleasures of The Macallan Rare Cask, The Rare Whisky Glasses, by fferrone, concentrate the aroma, enhancing the flavor through its design. Each glass is individually hand-formed by master glassblowers in the Czech Republic from the finest quality Boroscilicate glass, a material which provides a high degree of thermal resistance for a range of hot and cold applications and is dishwasher safe. Sold as a set of two. Picked by The Macallan Whisky Maker, Bob Dalgarno.

Alici di Menaica
Alici di Menaica Anchovies

Only a small pocket of fishermen on the Cilento coast of Italy still catch anchovies in the ancient Menaica technique, named for the nets they use. Their process epitomizes the concept of slow food, and involves a nightly excursion with the special, loose nets that are built to catch only the larger swimmers. The fresh, red anchovies are immediately cleaned and brined seaside, then placed in terracotta pots in between layers of salt, to rest for three months before they're aged to perfection.

Custom Single Group Espresso Machine

With a name like Slayer, you know the Single Group Espresso Machine, a compact version of the original, isn't messing around. This is a sophisticated mechanism for better coffee and also a labor of love by its makers, who created a customizable fantasy tool for professional baristas and home brewers alike. The portable system features a digital UI with glass touchscreen, Peruvian walnut handles, the brand's signature flavor profiling capabilities, personalized steam pressure and anything else you desire.


Formafantasma took on the daunting task of beautifying water filtration and succeeded to the extreme. The Still purifier combines an engraved crystal decanter with copper attachments and utilizes active charcoal to elevate humble drinking water to its proper stature. Picked by The Macallan Whisky Maker, Bob Dalgarno

Ping Pong Table

BDDW has constructed a ping pong table for the sophisticated table tennis fanatic. Natural finished wood with white leg accents and an oh-so-slightly weathered leather net make for an upgrade to your typical green fiber board parlor game. Allow 16 weeks for completion.

The Elder Statesman
Hand-Spun Four-Panel Cashmere Blanket

Comprised of eight pounds of hand-spun, hand-dyed, hand-loomed, hand-stitched cashmere, The Elder Statesman's Four Panel Blanket can fairly serve as the only blanket you'll ever need again.

Miles Davis
Kind of Blue Signed LP

In two studio sessions in the spring of 1959 Miles Davis recorded Kind of Blue, which would quickly solidify itself as the best jazz album of all time. A year later, in 1960, he signed a copy of the record for a fan—something he evidently never did. Collectors have verified that the copy now up for auction on ebay is the only known Davis signature in existence.

Marc Newson
Prototype Chair

Marc Newson's Prototype Chair, which he designed in 1983 for his graduation show at Sydney College of the Arts, stands as one of the most iconic examples of outstanding student work. The steel rods and anodized sheet aluminum, welded and soldered by Newson himself, comprise the clean, sturdy design of a piece that would set the tone for the designer's ensuing, legendary career.

Negro Chiluacle Chiles

It takes an intrepid hunter to get their hands on the elusive Negro Chiluacle from Oaxaca, but anyone who has indulged in the chili's deeply rich and complex smokey flavor would deem it a worthy effort. Aspen chef Michael Beary has eased the possibility of adding this sensational chili to a meal by becoming the sole US importer, a feat he accomplished after devising his own method for keeping them fresh and still FDA-approved.

Frank Lloyd Wright
Peacock Chair

American architecture icon Frank Lloyd Wright created the Peacock Chair for Toyko's Imperial Hotel, which was demolished in 1968. Now housed in various museums across the world, the model up for grabs features original moleskine upholstery and aged oak.

Stockholm Gloves

Swedish designer Thomasine Barnekow runs wild in the world of glove design with her experimental styles created for the catwalk. Her handmade ready-to-wear collection—designed in her Paris atelier—is equally luxurious. The Stockholm Gloves envelop hands in rich Helsinki lambskin leather and a silky-soft, ultra-thin thermolite lining. The supple materials and simple button closure on the palm add a dash of utility to an elegant accessory.

The Macallan
Rare Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Whisky maker Bob Dalgarno selects fewer than 1% of the sherry oak casks on The Macallan Estate to come together to create the aptly titled Rare Cask Single Malt. The natural ruby red hue shines through in the premium, full-bodied blend.

Iberico Ham
Boneless Iberico de Bellota Ham

Let us make you salivate for a moment simply by describing the vital stats on this choice cut of meat—you've got Fermin's 100% Ibérico breed, acorn-fed, free-range, black-hoofed pig cured in the mountain air of western Spain. Weighing in around 9-13 pounds, the premium pork is best consumed by hacking away and popping the golden, fat-marbled, richly nutty (see: wild acorn diet), 4-years-aged ham right into your mouth. Picked by The Macallan Brand Ambassador, Craig Bridger.

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