Too Many Cooks

Too Many Cooks

Pasta Tool Set

Not only are Eataly's wooden pasta utensils traditional (so you can make dishes like your nonna), they're also good looking enough that you'll be proud to display them in your kitchen. The Pasta Tool Kit from the already iconic Italian marketplace is exclusively available at MoMA Store, and comes complete with two ravioli presses, a gnocchi- and a spaghetti-maker. The set even contains four recipes—charming Italian accent not included.

Octagonal Cast Iron Skillet

Portland-based FINEX—with humble origins on Kickstarter—is now one of the very few American companies making cast iron cookware. With deeper walls than the average skillet, this compact 8" one from FINEX is best for browning meats and sautéing vegetable side dishes, but can handle anything from breakfast to blackberry crumbles. The octagonal design makes it much easier to pour sauce or cooking liquids from almost any angle. For more options, there's also a grill pan version to get your BBQ on even in colder weather.

Gluten-Free Crackers

Made using only non-GMO ingredients, Onesto crackers are super-crunchy, and delicious—which might be seemingly impossible to many, as they are also gluten-free. Free of bleached sugars and preservatives, the variety pack includes different flavors like rosemary, sea salt and ancho chile. They'll make an unexpected and tasty treat for even the gluten-tolerant at your next cheese and wine party.

Ten Speed Press
The NoMad Cookbook

Treat someone special to a Michelin-starred meal without ever visiting a restaurant, with Daniel Humm's The NoMad Cookbook. Inside, elegant photography and detailed recipes treat home cooks to the very dishes the acclaimed NYC-based chef dreams up at his award-winning restaurant. As an additional surprise, it even comes with a second cocktail recipe book hidden within false pages.

Bobo's Mountain Sugar
Vermont Dark Maple Syrup

Skye Chalmers and Tina Hartell—the duo behind Bobo’s Mountain Sugar—refuse to cut corners when it comes to their Vermont Dark Maple Syrup. Each spring, they harvest sap from roughly 2,500 trees, boiling down 55 gallons to produce just one gallon of the rich, liquid gold. Pour it over homemade pancakes or, better yet, mix it with ginger, apple cider vinegar and cold water for a refreshing Vermont Switchel.

Visibility + MOLD
Life Measured Pitcher

Brooklyn-based industrial design studio Visibility and food design publication MOLD have collaborated on a borosilicate glass pitcher that's more than just pretty to look at. Whether using it as a wine carafe, a mixing bowl or something else altogether, the pitcher's colorful silicone rings can be moved or removed entirely according to the measurements you need at the time. Dishwasher- and microwave-safe, it holds hot or cold liquids and promises to be a super-useful addition to the kitchen.

Other Brother
Californian Growers Blend Olive Oil

Fresh, quality olive oil in the pantry signals your dedication to good food. This daily-use olive oil from indie makers Other Brother is the mildest and most versatile of their offerings. Their Spanish-style Growers blend, made from California-grown olives, is smooth and buttery—and we've even been advised to try pouring a little onto vanilla ice cream. The vintage design of the "Tallboy" tin makes it especially fun to gift.

Arro Home
Cat Pot-Holder

This 100% cotton cat pot-holder adds a little extra whimsy and bewitchery to tonight's dinner preparations. With an embroidered kitty face by your side, you'll be able to conquer any hot handles. And if you're in the mood for more, Arro Home also has a matching velvety black cat cushion.

Potting Shed Creations
Garden-in-a-Bag: Organic Mint

Good things come in small packages, and Potting Shed Creations has plenty of them. Their Garden-in-a-Bag range—complete with seeds for everything from cat grass to dill, plus growing medium and coconut husks for drainage—is a gift that encourages getting your hands dirty. Our seed of choice is mint (perfect for cooks and cocktail enthusiasts), which fills the air with a refreshing fragrance.

The Bob's Burgers Burger Book

For fans of the Belchers—and puns—the new Bob's Burgers cookbook will be a treat for tummies and funny-bones. "The Bob's Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes for Joke Burgers" is fully illustrated with all-new art, features cameos from the family (as well as Teddy, Aunt Gayle and other beloved characters) and offers a how-to guide on making meals like the Bleu is the Warmest Cheese Burger, I Know Why the Cajun Burger Sings Burger and more. Available for pre-order now, the book is set for official release in March 2016.

Third Drawer Down + David Shrigley
Life is Fantastic Tea Towel

Bouncing from endearingly odd to throwing around wildly positive vibes, Scotland-based David Shrigley never disappoints. Made in collaboration with Melbourne shop Third Drawer Down, this 100% linen "Life is Fantastic" dish towel is a cheerful (perhaps at times delightfully delusional) reminder that can be seen every morning as you labor to make that first batch of coffee.

Fellow Products
Duo Coffee Steeper

Kickstarted into reality, SF-based Fellow Products' debut offering combines the best of two techniques—French press and manual pour-over—for a bold cup of coffee—without the sludge. Foolproof to use (and clean), with two removable stainless steel filters to catch any stray grounds, the Duo Coffee Steeper is an example of when great design makes for great coffee. It also makes cold-press coffee and loose leaf tea (the latter requires a different filter).

Bees Knees Spicy Honey

Brooklyn's MixedMade offers just two products: spicy maple syrup (Trees Knees, as they call it) and spicy honey. The latter is made in small batches using raw honey from Hudson Valley beekeepers and infusing chili peppers—and one large pepper gets suspended in every bottle. Drizzle it over pizza, pancakes, cocktails or ice cream for a sweet, heated kick.

Everlane + Edible Schoolyard NYC
The Chef Tote

To raise $50,000 for Edible Schoolyard NYC—a non-profit that gives public schools and their students access to healthy food via hands-on gardening and cooking classes—Everlane has partnered with famed local chefs like April Bloomfield for a collection of limited edition tote bags that take their twist on Everlane's slogan "Know your factories. Know your costs." Both collaborators show a passion for transparency, education and quality "ingredients," making it a perfect match. All profits from sales go to Edible Schoolyard NYC.

Pat Kim Design
Zig Zag Cutting Board

The Zig Zag Cutting Board by Pat Kim Design is an American Sycamore wood cutting board that doubles as a serving tray. The board is finished with a natural, food-safe combination of beeswax and oil, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals mixing with your food while you chop or serve your friends and neighbors. Available in small and large, each board comes with a small container of balm to maintain the its good condition.

Pasta of the Month

Brooklyn-based Sfoglini's textured small-batch pasta, made from organic flours, transforms the traditional staple food into an extra special meal. Their inventive seasonal pastas often collaborate with local gardens and producers—like Bronx Brewery spent grain radiator-shaped pasta, everything bagel fusili, cuttlefish ink spaccatelli and mint cavatelli. Get a regular delivery of their classic and unique specialty pastas via Sfoglini's Pasta of the Month club—it makes a good gift for others, too.

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