420 Friendly

420 Friendly

Loved by Erika
"It's 420 Somewhere" T-Shirt

With a slogan that's as subtle as a sledgehammer, Loved by Erika's "It's 420 Somewhere" one-of-a-kind T-shirt embraces the joy of stereotypical stoners. Pale pink and with DIY purple puff glitter paint, it's a thing teenage dreams were made of. Wear it while tending to your plants, lazing around on the weekend, wherever—maybe just don't wear it in front of your conservative grandparents. This unique top comes in a unisex size large.

Penguin Random House
The Stoner’s Coloring Book

Create your trippiest artwork and set your inner artist free with Jared Hoffman's "The Stoner’s Coloring Book." With 40+ original illustrations created by nine artists, the pages within are a wild ride; psychedelic and plenty of positive vibes. So find a comfy spot to sit, settle in with your favorite snacks, and enjoy this childhood activity that's just as fun now.

Bliss and Mischief
Legalize Bliss T-Shirt

Inspired by the style and spirit of the '70s, this stonewashed vintage-vibe T-shirt from Bliss and Mischief is very 420 friendly. With flocked lettering spelling out "Nature's Way of Saying High" on the front and a giant "Legalize Bliss" on the back, the message is clear. Made in the USA from 100% cotton, the T-shirt is slim-fitting—so keep that in mind when buying online.

Marley Natural
Hemp Seed Body Lotion

With a seal of approval from the Bob Marley estate, Marley Natural offers "official Bob Marley" cannabis for those lucky people who live in California (and other legal states). The rest of us can enjoy the smoking accessories made from black walnut wood as well as the hemp seed oil-based body care line. Slather yourself in cannabis sativa with this moisturizing lotion (which includes ginger root, turmeric, Jamaican botanicals, rosemary and much more).

Shahrzad Ghadjar
Dinosaurs Smoking Weed Coloring Book

The very logically named Dinosaurs Smoking Weed Coloring Book is just that—and even comes with crayons. Full of pictures of stoned and smoking dinos, the book also offers a little trivia on how each creature enjoys getting high—whether via bongs or vaping or smoking joints. Delightfully embracing the absurd, this book blends a very adult pastime with a delightfully childish one.

Overthrow NYC
Limited Edition Cannabis-Printed Boxing Gloves

Boxing might not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for cannabis associations, but Bleecker Street's Overthrow Boxing Club—housed in a space formerly known as the alternative culture Yippie Museum—makes for a worthy link. The location played host to the founding of High Times Magazine by Tom Forcade, and was the headquarters of the Legalization Movement. Yippie Alice Torbush, who frequented the space, designed the pattern featured on these limited edition gloves, which clock in at 16oz and can handle heavy bag, sparing and mitt workouts.

Mile High Gift Set

If you’re only smoking or consuming cannabis, you might not be unlocking all of its health-improving potential. Apothecanna’s Mile High Gift Set allows for direct-to-skin application of marijuana’s healing wonders through five different body lotions. With a mix of herbal ingredients like peppermint, juniper, chamomile, lavender and more, each creme targets something specific: pain relief, stimulation and more.

Trapezium Ashtray

Part of Arca’s Trapezium collection, this buffalo horn-inlaid ashtray takes inspiration from a symmetrical trapeze. Arca handcrafts the shimmering toking accessory in Italy, using a unique heating process that draws out the horn’s individual grain to tantalizing effect. No matter what you’re puffing on, it’s sure to elevate the entire experience.

Skyhorse Publishing
The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook

Art meets science in all types of cooking—but maybe especially so when cooking with cannabis. With over 100 recipes for everything from breakfasts to cocktails, this book is more than just a cooking guide. There is also information on the many varieties of cannabis flavor profiles so cooks know which strains will work for what recipes, as well as tips on processing, storing and preserving the special ingredient.

BAIT + Adidas Skateboarding
Stan Smith Vulc "Happy"

Partnering with Adidas Skateboarding, West Coast retailer BAIT envisions the ultimate sneaker for stoners: the Stan Smith Vulc “Happy.” Stitched together from natural hemp and adorned with an earthy all-over pattern, the weed-themed shoes even feature a medical marijuana prescription label reading “high-potency superior quality.” And inside: a secret stash pocket.

Black Candle Society
Mary Jane Candle

Available in two sizes (six ounces, which burns for 30-45 hours or eight ounces, which burns for 50-65 hours) Black Candle Society's Mary Jane candle is made from 100% soy wax that's blended with organic cannabis flower fragrance oil—so it smells great, but won't get you high. Also boasting hints of musk and amber, this candle offers a moody aroma without delving into incense territory.

Van der Pop
Happy Sack Lockable Clutch

Style and safety come first with Van der Pop's "Happy Sack" wallet-meets-clutch. This genuine leather accessory comes complete with a personalized and programmable three-digit code so you can hide your stash or controversial belongings from kids and prying eyes. No drama if you forget the code, the wallet also comes with a key. Made in Italy, this styling accessory comes in two sizes: small (5" x 10") and large (10" x 10").

Jacquie Aiche
Sweet Leaf Pave Hoop Earrings

Not all cannabis enthusiasts are sitting in a dorm room covered in Bob Marley posters. As evidence to this, Jacquie Aiche's handmade jewelry caters to the more sophisticated 420 fan. Available in 14k yellow, rose or white gold, these delicate "Sweet Leaf" hoop earrings will give posh potheads a different kind of high.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer

The latest iteration of the Firefly vaporizer, the Firefly 2, packs up to 420° of vaporizing power into a sleek device that’s 55 percent lighter and 33 percent smaller. It employs touch sensors to operate and a unique dynamic convection heating system, which only fires up upon inhalation to provide super-fresh vapors. Pre-orders will see a ship date in late May.

Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Acrylic Candy Bowl

Available in all kinds of conspicuous colorways—from neon pinks and yellows to striking clear and black—Alexandra Von Furstenberg's heavy, luxe candy bowls make for a striking centerpiece, no matter what you fill them with, naughty or nice. With two sizes and 12 different hues, it's tempting to collect the entire set.

Tetra + Various Keytags
Engraved Lighter

The clean lines of Tsubota Pearl's lighters are embellished with punny slogans courtesy of Brian Janusiak and Elizabeth Beer (founders of Various Projects) in four collaboration creations. Available in baby blue, pale pink, emerald green or black, the lighters boast expressions like "High Society" and several 420-friendly phrases.