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Gary Stranger
Do Me A Favor Print

British artist and member of street art collective MSK, Gary Stranger's creations are always crisp, clean and engaging. If you're not lucky enough to see one of his masterpieces every day on a wall outdoors, you can now buy one for your own. This "Do Me A Favor" print is hand-painted on a 30cm by 74cm wood canvas, signed by the artist—and it's the final one available.

WWA Shower Curtain

LA-based art brand BFGF (whose blankets we are already fans of) have released a bunch of products on Society 6, our pick being the WWA shower curtain. Decorated with a palm tree, candle, Lisa Simpson, and something resembling a Nike swoosh, this shower curtain is not like those you've seen before and is sure to transform your bathroom—not to mention all your early mornings.

Haptic Lab
City Quilt Throw

Haptic Lab is reinvigorating the age-old tradition of quilting with its intricate City Quilt Throws. The Brooklyn-based studio hand-stitches roadways, rivers and city blocks onto plush 60" x 72" cotton blankets, resulting in stunning quilts perfect for hanging on a wall or draping over your bed. While we’re partial to NYC, the throws are available in all kinds of cities—from Boston to Paris. Custom details are also offered for an extra fee.

Floating Record Player

Chicago-based Gramovox seemingly defies gravity (and decades of tradition) with the Floating Record: a turntable that spins vinyl vertically for maximum audiovisual impact—truly treating each record like a work of art. With final assembly taking place in Chicago, the belt-driven record player comes with built-in speakers (as well as RCA line outs if you'd rather use your own audio setup).

Andrej Urem
Architectural Candles

Brooklyn-based Croatian poet, sculptor, graphic and product designer Andrej Urem has created cubic candles that we never want to light. But at the same time, we're eager to see them transform from their strict structures into molten, organic forms. Urem carves the first models himself, then uses 3D technology for additional sculpting and printing the molds. And due to their symmetrical nature, Urem's candles have another distinct feature: they're stackable.

David Adjaye + Knoll
Prism Lounge Chair

British architect David Adjaye completes Washington, his debut furniture collection for Knoll, with new geometric pieces (a chair, ottoman and side table) that offer up a powerful visual impression. Each small-scale, multifaceted monument has a gloss laminate base that makes a striking counterpoint to its upholstery on top. Additionally, the weighty-looking Prism lounge chair will be sure to surprise those who sit down, as it has the ability to swivel.

Good Thing
Easy Mirror

Brooklyn-based design studio and manufacturing house, Good Thing says they are all about "backward design," but the Easy Mirror (which sacrifices a small amount of its reflective pane to create a leg-stand) is, in fact, quite forward-thinking. Made entirely from polished stainless steel, the mirror is a sleek, minimal and unexpected piece for those who like to look good—and have their decor do the same.

Third Drawer Down + David Shrigley
Life is Fantastic Tea Towel

Bouncing from endearingly odd to throwing around wildly positive vibes, Scotland-based David Shrigley never disappoints. Made in collaboration with Melbourne shop Third Drawer Down, this 100% linen "Life is Fantastic" dish towel is a cheerful (perhaps at times delightfully delusional) reminder that can be seen every morning as you labor to make that first batch of coffee.

Donna Wilson
Gallop Mini Blanket

Created by East London-based Donna Wilson, this adorable baby blanket (measuring 100cm by 68cm) is made from super-warm 100% lambswool and is knitted in Scotland. The blanket is available in three gender-neutral colorways and covered in horses, deer, moose and all kinds of trees—so baby's imagination will wander to forests filled with all kinds of magical creatures as they snooze soundly and cozily.

Fluorescent Acrylic Cactus

SF-based designer Nobel Truong's cacti are an especially rare type: they give off a glow thanks to the fluorescent acrylic material they're laser-cut from. Choose from three different species (Saguaro, Echinocereus or moon cactus) and never worry about watering.

Steven Harrington + Case Studyo
Sincerely Yours Vase

Case Studyo enlisted California-based artist Steve Harrington for the playful "Sincerely Yours" vase. Dotted with characters shaped like yin-yangs, the curvy vase is a delightfully light-hearted take on the spiritual symbol—yet also an apt one, as Harrington's work oftentimes explores the concept of balance. Limited to just 100 pieces, the porcelain vase will surely bring a little Zen—albeit whimsical—to any room.

George Nelson Associates
Petal Clock

While it was made back in 1957 (by NYC's George Nelson Associates for the Howard Miller Clock Company), the Petal Clock is as beautiful today as it ever was. Inspired by a four-leaf clover, this authentic Nelson clock (now archived in the the Vitra Design Museum, along with Nelson's other inventive designs like the joyful ball clock) is a simple and bold piece of American modernism.

Fells / Åndes
Luft Throw

Made from the softest, most revered fibers of Peruvian baby alpaca, this Luft Throw from Fells / Åndes—a new San Francisco-based brand championing "warm minimalism"—is an indulgent way to stay warm at home. The cyan color whispers across the material in a delicate gradient for a quiet burst of bright blue.

Sunroom Blanket

Working with digitally printed textiles and natural fibers, LA-based brand bfgf makes super-charming blankets that are just as much functional products as they are artwork. Their 100% cotton Sunroom Blanket features a serene scene that's sure to add a little zen to any room in the house.

Hudson Beach Glass
Grey Spike Bowl

These sculptural glass bowls—propped on three small legs—are created by Beacon, NY-based design studio Hudson Beach Glass. With a range of sizes in striking smokey grey, there's a bowl for every occasion.

ABC Co-Create + Catellani & Smith
Cosmos Nebula Lamp

Created by ABC Home with Enzo Catellani of innovative lighting company Catellani & Smith, the Cosmos Nebula Lamp emits a stunning, otherworldly glow inspired by the colors and light of the universe. Made in Bergamo, Italy, the dimmable light sits atop a brass base (which is 13.8 inches tall) and is a unique way to welcome guests into any room.

Studio Cheha
BULBING Galaxy Lamp

Studio Cheha, a Tel Aviv-based design studio, brings two-dimensional planes to "light" with their optical illusion lamps—which were funded on Kickstarter. Their galaxy-themed BULBING lamp illuminates the room with a small scene from the night sky, featuring planets and stars. More perception-boggling designs will be hitting the MoMA Design Store this August.

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