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All Products
Instax Share SP-2 Photo Printer

The second version of its portable instant film printers, Fujifilm's Instax Share SP-2 means your smartphone photos don't have to live only in your camera roll or on Instagram. Faster and with extra customization options (like saturation and brightness), the printer produces high-quality two-inch-by-three-inch photos that are available in just 10 seconds. There's nothing quite like tangible pictures, and these high-res mini pics are real photos—on photo paper—made for sharing.

OM-D E-M1 Mark II

Beyond the 18-frames-per-second sequential shooting capabilities, everything else in Olympus' recently released professional camera—the OM-D E-M1 Mark II—stands for precision. Housed in a lightweight weatherproof magnesium alloy body, features likes 121 Cross-Type On-Chip Phase Detection AF points and up to 5.5 shutter speed guarantee clean captures. This is a powerhouse of a tool, with built in WiFi and 4K video capturing as further evidence. (Lens pictured not included.)

Candlewick Studio
Retro Photo: An Obsession

With dozens of original photographs of vintage cameras, "Retro Photo: An Obsession: A Personal Selection of Vintage Cameras and the Photographs They Take" by David Ellwand chronicles some of the most curious and important developments in the world of photography. Hundreds of devices were captured, ranging from "the pinhole to the Pentax." This is a celebration of camera design, and an accessible, exciting history lesson along the way.

Peak Design
Everyday Backpack

The first thing one notices about Peak Design's Everyday Backpack happens to the be the ultra-clean aesthetic. It's quite deceptive, in a very good way, as the design conceals a plethora of substantial storage spaces. There's a patented MagLatch top access, allowing for a quick retrieval of goods, a dedicated sleeve for laptops (up to 15 inches), internally padded accessory pockets and that's just the start. Two expandable external side pockets make for fast stowing, but the FlexFold dividers in the central compartment offer reconfigurable organization in this truly versatile bag.

Alpine Labs
Pulse Camera Remote

Offering a 100 foot bluetooth range, Alpine Labs' Pulse Camera Remote plugs directly into one's camera by way of the USB port, and pairs with a dedicated smartphone app. More than just letting a user snag a photo, the remote delivers wireless control of ISO, shutter speed and aperture. It's all intuitive to use, but the freedom (and reliability) it grants when setting up an ideal photo marks the true value.

Lume Cube
Bluetooth External Flash + Video Light

Designed to offer adjustable brightness for all GoPro and smartphone camera photos and videos, each Lume Cube delivers up to 1,500 lumens when capturing a shot or take. Connected via Bluetooth and paired with a dedicated app (that can control up to five Lume Cubes at once), this is an intuitive system with tangible impact. And as it's been constructed to light scenes up on the fly, the Lume Cube is entirely waterproof for those potentially tricky scenarios.

Adam Ratana
Sun Surveyor App

Natural light doesn't have to be the trickiest part of taking a photo. Built for professionals, the Sun Surveyor app tracks everything pertaining to the sun and moon—golden hour, blue hour and beyond. Further, there's a location-sharing feature to let colleagues and collaborators know your movements. This is a planning tool that offers plenty of foresight and even includes an interactive map.

85mm F1.4 Art Portrait Lens

Whether on the field or in the studio, Sigma's latest high-performance 85mm F1.4 Art lens can capture an array of photographic material, but makes for an ideal portrait lens. Among the key features for this professional-level camera accessory, are an updated Hyper Sonic Motor granting super-efficient autofocus (there's also a full-time manual focus, of course) and a nine-blade rounded diaphragm that highlights the subject while establishing background bokeh.

Backpacker Air Travel Tripod Kit

For anyone who wants the security of a stable shot, but doesn't want to tote along a heavy tripod, MeFOTO's lightest, smallest kit meets all needs. Known as the Backpacker Air, and coming in a range of bright colors, this tripod maxes out at two pounds and folds down quite compactly. It's ideal for smartphones and compact cameras.

KeyMission 360 Camera

The world lives in all 360 degrees, so it makes sense that our cameras have made the necessary steps to capture it this way. Shooting 4K UHD video and still, in a full spherical 360-degree field of view, Nikon's KeyMission 360 uses two Nikkor lenses and two image sensors to pull everything in. It's also WiFi- and bluetooth-compatible, but more importantly, it's water- and shock-proof meaning you can take it absolutely anywhere.

Golden Section Finder

Find perfection everywhere you go with this pocket-sized Golden Section Finder. A well-known rule in design, the golden ratio relates to ideal proportions—found in nature and human-made objects. You can use this nifty accessory for fun or to figure out the perfect photo, and it's available in blue or yellow.

Instant Wide Victoria Peak Camera

Offering everything from a fully programmatic shutter (for beginners) to manual exposure settings (for those looking to get technical or exploratory), Lomography's new Lomo'Instant Wide Victoria Peak works in the hands of all photographers. The camera employs Fuji Instax Wide film, double the size of standard Instax Mini film, making it ideal for vistas but with a built-in premium 90mm lens, detailed portraiture is also at your fingertips. Four brightly-colored flash gel filters and the ability for multiple exposure (and long exposure) shots lend further artistic options. And it's all wrapped in a beautiful shiny glitter silver faux leather and glitter black linen shell.

Fellowes Brands
ExoLens with Optics by ZEISS

For anyone looking to step up their iPhone image capturing, the new ExoLens attachment features a wide-angle professional ZEISS lens. It's the first (virtually distortion-free) aspherical lens developed by the brand solely for iPhone. With an infinite focal length, the lens is ideal for landscape and architectural photography—and the quality is stunning. Further, the bracket (which connects the lens to an iPhone) has been composed of precision-machined aluminum—making it lightweight—and features interior liners to protect the device.