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All Products
Face Halo
Face Halo Pads

Unlike alcohol-based wipes that remove make-up but clog the environment, Face Halo is a reusable pad that utilizes microfiber technology and water to get your skin squeaky clean. The ultra-fine fibers are specially engineered to lift impurities while gently exfoliating your face, and you can toss the dirty pad into the washing machine up to 200 times before finally throwing it away—it’s better for you and the earth.

Balmyard Beauty
Bush Bath

Jamaican botanicals and flowers—including lemongrass, Jack in the Bush (Chromolaena odorata), and more—combine in Balmyard Beauty's lovely Bush Bath. Detoxing and excellent for calming inflammation, these bath sachets work somewhat like teabags—simply add them to your bath, and the longer you leave them, the more potent the benefits.


This all-in-one teapot and mug is made for solo time, and takes a few tips from the traditional Japanese tea ceremony at the same time. Heat-resistant to save your hands, this cup keeps your tea warm while it steeps and you concentrate on getting zen. The vibrant touch of color adds just the right amount of energy to an object that encourages serenity.

The Glad Hours x Austin Motel
Fingernails Sleep Mask

This sleep time product is a tale of two cities: produced by The Glad Hours, the silk pajama-makers based in LA, and stocked at the one-floor Austin Motel. The blood red fingernails on this silk eye mask match the red-orange vinyl cushion bed-frames and lip-shaped bedside phones—and signal the wrath to come of whoever disturbs thy beauty sleep. It's a hotel-level amenity worth bringing home.

Reflexology Kit

Easy to use and affordable, Saje's kit makes it simple to incorporate reflexology into your daily routine. With two essential oils—one for energy and one for stress release—the kit also includes a mat that works with your own weight to massage contact points on your feet. Promoting better balance and general wellbeing, this kit is for anybody who needs a little time to relax.

Winter Room Boots

Made from absorbent washi (Japanese paper) threads that are infused with Kumazasa plant fibers, these room boots—aka boot-shaped slippers—are breathable, moisture-wicking and antibacterial. Even more importantly, they're super-cozy and warm for the winter months. Shuffle around your house in comfort while the snow falls outside. Available in gray or navy.

Joya + Camilla Engstrom
Naptime Candles

Fragrance design studio Joya and artist Camilla Engstrom—NYC neighbors—have collaborated on a candle for enhanced Zs.
To avoid a common, on-the-nose traditional lavender scent, oak moss, smoky incense, cedar leaf and a hint of burnt sugar complement the main ingredient for a sophisticated, intricate fragrance. Within the series of three, choose which napping position (portrayed by Engstrom's alter ego, Husa) you like best: back, side or front.

Waffle Robe

Less formal, lighter and cooler (temperature-wise) than "hotel style" plush robes, this 100% Turkish cotton robe dries the body beautifully. Thanks to its woven waffle texture, it also feels like being wrapped up in a cloud. Parachute understands how hard it is to keep things white—especially if you're a coffee drinker—and offers two different non-white colorways: tan or grey.

Claremont Candle

Hand-poured candles made from 80% vegetable wax and 20% paraffin, PHLUR's newest addition not only offer delightful fragrances and a warm glow, they are also lovely design objects. Each candle sits inside a round, custom ceramic vessel (complete with a lid) that can be reused to store trinkets and tchotchkes. Our pick is the Claremont fragrance, which was adapted from one of our favorite perfumes from the brand—Olmsted & Vaux. It's citrusy, without being acidic, and is cruelty- and paraben-free.

Queen of Hungary Face Mist

Purifying and hydrating, Hungarian brand Omorovicza's Queen of Hungary mist also smells divine. With notes of neroli and rose, this mist was inspired by the Queen of Hungary Water—the world’s first perfume on record. Made with mineral-rich water from Budapest, it's refreshing and can also work as a post-cleanse toner.

Sasawashi Slippers

Room shoes are Japanese home essentials and a tradition growing more common in the Western world. Crafted from Sasawashi fabric, these Osaka-made slippers from Rikumo absorb moisture (and odors) and won't pill. Best of all, of course, they are comfortable to slip into after a long day.

Perfect Putty

Founded by Cutler Brooklyn's Tyson Kennedy—the hairdresser who doesn't look like a hairdresser, maybe due to his other life as a rock musician—the Fatboy styling line started with this creamy homemade putty that he created for his own hair. A casual, effortless look comes easily, with equally nonchalant packaging. Fatboy has recently added a shampoo and conditioner set to their roster, too.

North Home
Bush-Dyed Robe

Carefully bush-dyed by Anindilyakwa women living in the remote Groote Eylandt Archipelago—an island in the Gulf of Carpentaria, about 391 miles from Darwin—each North Home robe is unique. The process is one full of rich history and creativity—using native roots, leaves, bark and berries to color the 100% silk pieces. Best of all, the company channels all profits from sales directly back into the organization in order to continue relationships with indigenous art centers and communities, contributing to their financial gain. Price is in AUD.

American Trench
Floral Pattern Socks

A Japanese-inspired floral pattern punches up these Supima cotton American Trench dress socks. Extra long staple Supima cotton, grown in the US and woven in Georgia, was ultimately knit into these mid-calf items in Pennsylvania. With flowers in blossom, it makes sense to also wear them on your feet.

Stay Home Club
"Stay Home Club" Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Designed by Montreal-based illustrator Olivia Mew, this long-sleeve T-shirt looks like it's simply emblazoned with a heart and a teardrop at first glance. Look closer, and you'll see the words "Stay Home Club." Made from 50/50 ringspun cotton and poly-fleece, it's manufactured and printed in Canada, and is a cute way to wear your anti-social/introverted club membership with pride.

Pocket Farmacy

Featuring some of our favorite oils from Saje, the Pocket Farmacy is a new travel essential for us at CH. The light, easily packable set includes Peppermint Halo (for headaches), Gutzy (for stomach pain) and more, so that many ailments and stresses potentially brought on by travel are looked after. Each vial contains 0.2 fl, so it's airplane-safe too.