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Explorer's Press + Slowtide
Paradise Towel

In collaboration with Slowtide, Explorer's Press has made a beach towel that will have you dreaming of summer. Designed by Brendan Megannety, the premium towel is made from 100% cotton and is woven so the reverse side is pink with black lettering. Measuring 60 inches by 30 inches, it can handle all manner of summertime activities.

Small Spells
Illustrated Tarot Pack

This color tarot deck by Small Spells (run by Rachel Howe) is a charming set of cards featuring Howe's illustrations. While delightfully mystic, the pictures are also inspired by cartoons, tattoos, low-fi graphic design and more—the result is a delightful, colorful style of its own. Positive vibes, healing powers and artistic inspiration permeate these cards. (Also available with a guidebook.)

Cleverly Laundry
Red Cotton-Terry Robe

No matter what kind of day you've had—or are about to have—this classy cotton-terry robe has some mood-transforming powers. Founded by Perth-based female architects, newly-launched Cleverly Laundry is building a reputation for its passion for quality, water-wicking textiles. This piece is made in the Guimarães region of northern Portugal and will last longer than your current apartment.

Karley Sciortino
Slutever Book

From her Vogue column to her VICELAND TV series, Karley Sciortino has sought to reclaim the word "slut" in an open, exploratory and inclusive way. With "Slutever: Dispatches from a Sexually Autonomous Woman in a Post-Shame World," Sciortino combines elements of memoir with a manifesto for embracing sexual satisfaction. It's informative and, as with all of Sciortino's work, it also happens to be wildly funny.

NASA Graphics Standards Manual
Limited Edition NASA Print

After the tremendous demand for the "NASA Graphics Standards Manual" book (released in 2015) come three limited edition prints taken from those very guidelines, done in collaboration with Best Made Co. Printed on Stochastic Screen Press matte paper, these are four-color prints—one hue of course being custom NASA red ink. Sold separately or as a set of three.

J Southern Studio
Happiness + Inspiration Ritual Kit

Whether or not you believe in the merits of burning sage or palo santo wood for their more mystical attributes, there's something soothing about both scents—and a ritual-like repetition of use. J Southern Studio has assembled a kit with these and many other items, for the sake of happiness and inspiration. For those in need of a well-intentioned ritual, be it in the morning or for breaks at work, a kit like this offers a few points of entry—and a handful of divine fragrances.

Venus et Fleur
Grandiose Eternity Rose Bouquet

Beginning at $39 and reaching all the way to $1,799, Venus et Fleur roses aren't your regular bodega posy. Their roses (which come in all colors from classic red to mint green or black) can last a year—thanks to their proprietary solution and color pigmentation process. These are some of the biggest, most lush and beautiful roses we have seen.

Pannier Leather Bucket Bag

Made with buttery white calfskin leather with black contrast edges, Italian label Marni's Pannier bucket bag combines luxury with modernism. The bright red acrylic ring handle makes the otherwise understated piece, but the combination remains sophisticated and stylish. With a removable shoulder strap, snap closure and a super-useful leashed zip pouch, this is a timeless accessory.

Smart Photo Album

Certainly one of the better takes on the concept, the Joy smart photo album is a minimal, sleek piece that doesn't look out of place next to traditional photo frames. Impressively, this 13.3-inch screen supports images and movies of all kinds: jpg, png, mov, mp4, HD videos, raw files, panoramas. With a full HD touchscreen, stereo speakers and a wireless charging port, the JOY smart photo album is a forward-thinking storytelling product.

Cooper Spirits
Lock Stock & Barrel 18 Year Straight Rye Whiskey

Two important details of Lock Stock & Barrel's 18 Year Rye Whiskey battle each other to create a surprisingly smooth profile. First, the proof stands at a whopping 109. Second, its age—the aforementioned 18 years—actually tames that high ABV. In fact, aging in American oak barrels has lent the spirit a creamy vanilla warmth. There's a bunch of rye spice here but it's all in service to a tasty, uniform and wood-defined whiskey.

Bittersweets New York
"Beyond Is All Abyss" Pendant

Made from 14k solid gold, the "Beyond Is All Abyss" pendant from Bittersweets New York incorporates a dash of creepiness to an otherwise pretty piece. The skull-shaped item is available with white or black rose-cut diamond eyes, and can be personalized with two initials engraved on the back. Arriving on a 20-inch chain, or with just the charm on its own, this little skull is a beautifully crafted accoutrement.

Reykjavik Speaker

The smallest portable speaker yet by Danish brand Vifa takes its design cues (and name) from Iceland. With three drivers packed into a pebbly shape that enhances 360-degree sound, the Reykjavik comes either covered in Kvadrat woolen fabric or in a fully anodized aluminum version that's as tough as it looks.

Peet Rivko + Renee Phillips
Essentials Skincare Kit

Packaged in a box featuring artist Renee Phillips' painting "Vortex," this Peet Rivko Essentials Kit contains three lush products. With zero toxins and zero irritants (that means no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, PEGs, silicones, petroleum
fragrance, limonene, essential oils, nut oils or floral extracts) there's a gentle cleanser, moisturizer and balancing face oil—all of which can be used daily. Together, these products aim to nourish and soften skin.

Stephen "ESPO" Powers
"Leave and Return" Print

Almost all Stephen ESPO Powers' works contain terms of endearment or sweet messaging in his immediately recognizable style. This "Leave and Return" print (in a signed and numbered edition of 50) centers on one of Powers' favorite themes: home. The two-color screen print measures 24x24 inches—and the window is embellished by hand.

Acc Art Books
The Essential Marilyn Monroe

Some 20 years in the making, this lovely book of Marilyn Monroe portraits contains many never-seen-before shots—thanks to Joshua Greene meticulously restoring and preserving the photos taken by his father, photographer Milton H. Greene, who was a business partner and personal friend of Monroe. More than just a study of a celebrity, the 250+ images explore a close bond and friendship. Further, it displays a son's passion for restoring his father's work.

Razor Set

With soft touch grip for a smooth gliding shave, the By Humankind razor feels like brand new—even when it isn't. While the short triangular-shaped handle moves as a natural extension of the hand—offering more control—the razor also stands upright (even on wet surfaces) helping keep the blades dry and resist germs and last longer. The set includes a razor, blade cover, carrying case, and refill cartridge to for smooth cheeks, chins, legs or whatever you want to shave.

IIUVO and Stefan Brüggemann
Bullshit Candle

Despite its name, IIUVO and Stefan Brüggemann's "Bullshit" candle smells divine. With notes of Sichuan pepper, grapefruit, lavender, musk, guaiac wood and more, the candle was inspired by the theory of bullshit. According to the makers, the scent has been derived from the idle content that's found between truth and invention; the things we think but don't say. Price is in Euros.

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