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Chronicle Books
Ed Roth Stencil 201

A follow up to his first book on the subject, Stencil 201 features Ed Roth's original designs and a guide to using them. Stencils include typewriters, roller skates, birds, leaves and other shapes.

Unisex Organic Cotton Waffle Robe

Robes tend to reflect a justifiable luxury: they keep you warm and comfy post-shower or whenever you need a little coziness. Here, Coyuchi updates the classic unisex spa robe with an airy waffle pattern. Crafted from fine organic cotton, the robe comes in both gray and Alpine white colorways. Additionally, it's washing-machine safe.

Ring II

Caroline Ventura's minimal jewelry brand brvtvs might be subtle, but clearly makes a sophisticated statement. Handmade in her NYC studio, this 14k gold band is delicate and easily paired with other accessories, but the inside features a hidden detail: a gorgeous conflict-free diamond. Available in sizes 3 to 7, with a white or black diamond, the ring measures a super-fine 2mm.


With education as its primary function, STEMI's hexapod kit teaches users how to build a six-legged robot and then program its movements. Of the many brain-expanding elements, a better understanding of 3D models and electronics' technologies are applicable beyond the exciting toy. All tutorials are housed online and everything users need comes in the box. Smartphone controlled, the Hexapod itself is an educational toy unlike any other.

Art Every Day Notebook

Whether you're suffering from post-holiday blues or a case of the Mondays, usually the best treatment is to kickstart your creativity. One easy and affordable way to do that is a good old doodle or freewrite. This notebook from Poketo is especially useful because it quite literally tells you to get creative—the front (and back) say "Art Every Day."

Raw Complexions
Skintox Beauty Food

Rather than just slathering lotions and potions on your skin, it's common knowledge that a healthy diet and lots of water can help with your complexion. Wellness on the inside oftentimes is coupled with an outer glow. Raw Complexions' Skintox Beauty Food works that process with superfoods and Chinese herbs that help to detoxify and cleanse the liver—the organ most often associated with common skin conditions like acne, rosacea, dehydration and inflammation. With bee pollen, pomegranate and more, this blend can be added to smoothies, juices or granola to boost your inner and outer health.

POMS + Pared
Pink Crystal Sunglasses

Joining forces again, Australian brands POMS and Pared have created new sunglasses for 2017 and while they are decidedly retro, they are also present day-playful—thanks to some dangly details. Both arms of the new design come complete with a silver and Swarovski Briolette charm attachment, for some seriously fun flair. Available in six colorways (tortoiseshell, black, lilac, clear, ivory or pink) these sunnies offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. (Price is in AUD.)

Instant Matcha

Anyone who has made their own matcha knows the ritual of its preparation is partially about ceremony, but largely about achieving the optimal consistency. Whisking the bright green powder into a bowl of water helps break up the clumps often found in even the highest grades of tea. One would never just mix it with a spoon as the result would be a gnarly mess, but Panatea’s Instant Matcha (available in a 10 single-serving packet canister for $20 or a 30-packet bag for $40) dissolves evenly with a mere turn of the spoon. Not only is it fast and easy, this matcha maintains all the delicious and healthy benefits of the tea.

Beats By Dre + Alexander Wang
Studio Wireless Headphones

Joining forces for the second time, Beats by Dre and Alexander Wang have released a pair of super-functional, wireless headphones. These limited edition, over-ear headphones are foldable for easy transporting, and have chic, crocodile-embossed leather ear-pads. Also coming with a matching gray leather case, these headphones combine Wang's sleek style and Beats' impressive sound for a solid collaboration.

Harlequin Raincoat

Rather than donning a black or gray raincoat, or even the standard yellow version, why not bring radiance to the storm with one of Gorman's brightly colored offerings. Our pick is the Harlequin, with its rainbow hues and scribble-like pattern. With elasticized toggles on the hood and hem to keep you encased, you'll stay dry in this cheerful number. Available in S/M or M/L.

Shire City Herbal
Fire Cider

Made in Massachusetts, Shire City Herbals' Fire Cider has been tingling our tongues and throats whenever we feel under the weather for some time now. The apple cider vinegar-based recipe becomes palatable with a little local honey and organic oranges. The zing comes from lemons, onions, horseradish root, ginger root, habanero pepper, garlic and turmeric—certainly an extra kick for those who need it. Liquid torture for some; a miracle tonic for others, you can take it straight or add it to a hot toddy.

Case Studyo + Jean Jullien
Face Plates Set

This set of six differently shaped plates, with six different faces, was made by the very talented French artist Jean Jullien for Case Studyo. Hand-cast in porcelain, the plates are also in an array of colors—from coral to mint green and pale yellow. Of course each character is endearing in Jullien's trademark way, and the fact that they are all different shapes, colors and sizes only adds to the charm. Made in an edition of 250, these plates are set to ship in February. (Price is in Euros.)

Power & Light Press
Stand With Planned Parenthood Tote

More than a regular bag to tote your goods around (though it will do that), this bag from Power & Light Press donates all proceeds to Planned Parenthood. Listing all the services that PP offers—perhaps for those who believe it exists purely to provide abortions—the bag is simply printed with various essentials like pap smears, counseling and more. (Note: they are changing "mammogram" to "breast exam" for all future orders.)

Natalie Joy
Philodendron Plant Mobile

Made from 100% brass, this gorgeous Philodendron leaf mobile is one plant you will never kill. Since the material will develop a patina as it ages, it can be hung somewhere warm and dry to slow the process—or the opposite to hasten it. Crafted in Portland, Oregon, it ships flat and needs no tools for assembly.

Ric Bell
Dodecal 3D Calendar

Far from a traditional calendar, this wooden 3D Dodecal designed by Ric Bell makes for a beautiful desk accessory. With 12 faces (aka a dodecahedron) this calendar has the months and days laser-engraved on each side—so all you need to do is flip each month. Made from sustainably sourced European Sycamore wood, this piece weighs 320 grams and has been handcrafted using both traditional woodworking techniques and technology. Price is in British Pounds.

Boobies Collar

Made from 100% natural fair-trade hemp, Shed collars for pets come adorned with all kinds of playful and provocative patterns. From marijuana leaves to dinosaurs, smiley poop and boobs, they are each as silly and cute as the next. Available in small, medium or large, they can fit small dogs, cats and even "small bears," so your best pal will be the right size for one of these fun accessories.

William Morrow Cookbooks
Egg Shop: The Cookbook

With 100 recipes for dishes and drinks from beloved NYC cafe Egg Shop, the upcoming cookbook (which is available for pre-order now) is full of yummy treats. Not only does the book include super-helpful egg-cooking techniques, there are also tips on sourcing quality bacon and the best kind of cheese for melting. We're looking forward to attempting the delicious Egg Shop B.E.C at home.

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