Per-Anders Jorgensen
Eating With The Chefs

From Per-Anders Jorgensen—the photographer (and mastermind) behind Stockholm-based culinary magazine, Fool—comes this extensive tome, which beautifully highlights the family meals created at some of the world's top restaurants. "Eating with the Chefs" includes easy-to-make recipes from Noma, wd~50, The French Laundry, Quay and more alongside candid shots and insightful histories.

Cultural Almanac Membership

Creative consultancy Grossman & Partners shares their critically acclaimed insights in an annual hard bound publication, and their new membership service will come complete with this year's limited edition almanac, as well as a weekly email service providing deep context for the ongoings of society. For those who don't have time to read the news every day, all the information is wonderfully summarized right here.

Uncommon Goods
Whiskey Wedge

If you're looking to ice your spirits without watering them down, this silicon mold produces a diagonal, ski-slope like slice of ice that simply won't over-dilute a drink. It's ideal for chilling whiskey and letting it open over time as ice slowly gives way to water, but works with basically anything, alcohol-based or other.

Keys To Go Portable Keyboard

Regardless of how fast any phone or tablet user can type on a touchscreen, there's nothing like a full keyboard. This slender, portable set—available in a variety of colors—wirelessly pairs with anything iOS. But its added features, from a soft-to-the-touch FabricSkin which wards off crumbs and spills to the extensive battery life, make it a convenient must-have.

Alex Hellum
Tool Stool

Alex Hellum's solid beech Tool Stool is exactly as described in its name. The stool features an overhanging seat with a laser-etched ruler so it can be easily used as a saw-bench, while the complementary toolbox keeps it all in one spot and can be conveniently tucked away under the stool.

Dog Carrier

For those who are toting their dogs around, it'll be hard to find one more appropriate and stylish than this offering from Cloud7. It incorporates a removable undyed sheep's wool inlay and a safety leash. The outside structure is adjustable (and washable) and crafted from 100% cotton canvas. And, altogether, it just looks cute.

Fellow Barber
Walnut Hand Mirror

Staking its claim on a tried-and-true classic, the Walnut Hand Mirror by Fellow Barber doesn't mess with what works. The simple, round mirror features oil-rubbed walnut with a beveled edge and a six-inch mirror—handcrafted in the US.

Tanner Goods
Leather Luggage Tag

Upgrade your luggage game with the help of the understated Tanner Goods Luggage Tag. The simple blonde leather tag buckles on with minimal brass hardware and weathers to a lovely caramel color with age, and frequent travel.

Adam J Kurtz
1 Page at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion

Graphic designer Adam J Kurtz has built his portfolio on uplifting but slightly cheeky missives printed on brightly colored objects ranging from balloons to books. His latest creation invites the rest of us to get inspired in 2015 with "1 Page at a Time," a 365-page journal with prompts for each day, encouraging you to write, draw or design your way through the year, according to the title.

Cool Hunting + byAMT
CH Editions: byAMT Strap Planter

Plants adorn almost every desk at CH HQ, and when we came across byAMT's Strap Planter at ICFF last year we knew we needed to marry our interests. Our signature green hue is painted over the natural leather handle, adding a botanical touch to the the open weave construction. Designed to fit standard 10-inch terra-cotta pots, the planter features copper-plated hardware and is handmade in collaboration with LA-based Mimot Studio in limited quantities in byAMT’s New York City workshop.

Mexico: The Cookbook

700 authentic Mexican recipes sourced from the Baja to the Yucatán, bound in one book—you may never order out again, with this bible at your fingertips. Master staples like fajitas and moles and experiment with dishes like cactus salad and blue crab soup—all bursting with vibrant colors and rich flavors. To head the book, Phaidon tapped the former chef to the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture, Margarita Carrillo Arronte, a leader of the Slow Food movement in Baja and a longtime cultural supporter of Mexican cuisine in the global arena.

Pillar Laptop Stand

If you're reading this on your laptop, chances are your back is hunched, elbows are scrunched and your neck is craned. One solution to laptop fatigue is Pillar, a stand that lifts the computer up to eye level. It weighs just over five ounces, and when collapsed, fits into most notebook sleeves, messenger bags and backpacks.

Santa Maria Novella
SMN Melissa Water

Anxiety isn't a modern disorder, but in the past people didn't pop a pill to calm their nerves. Instead, they turned to the naturally soothing properties of the Melissa plant, a lemon balm used medicinally for the past 2,000 years. Premier Italian apothecary Santa Maria Novella derived their own Melissa-based formula in 1690, which is still as helpful today. Add a dash to a cup of water and let the good vibes settle in.

Michael Connors
Havana Modern

The unlikely byproduct of Cuba's trade embargo with the US is a previously undocumented preservation of lavish midcentury architecture and design in Havana. In "Havana Modern" Michael Connors takes the reader through a visual tour of private homes and buildings in art deco and nouveau styles, impeccably maintained and otherwise inaccessible to the world at large.

Jon Burgerman + Digby & Iona
Jon Burgerman Necklaces

Obsessive doodler Jon Burgerman has swapped pen and paper for sterling silver with his necklaces for Digby & Iona. The celebrated illustrator's playful characters hang from a 25-inch oxidized chain, all handmade in Brooklyn.

mimiTENS Booties

They don't call Canada the Great White North for nothing—it gets cold up there. To Anna-Maria Mountfort, founder of children's mitten brand mimiTENS, the country seems like the right place to make quality winter wear for kids. Like their mittens, mimiTENS booties are lined with 3M Thinsulate and a soft organic cotton fleece, and also feature a suede bottom to prevent slipping.

Tony Gemignani
The Pizza Bible: The World's Favorite Pizza Styles

Pizza enthusiasts rejoice: this tome offers a comprehensive guide to making the ultimate pizza. From Neapolitan to deep-dish to calzones, New York slices to Chicago's deep dish, eleven-time world pizza champion, and author, Toni Gemignani has you covered. There are tips for making dough, baking, toppings and everything between—not to mention the drool-worthy photography.

Tech 3L Sportcoat

The super-sleek silhouette is not to be mistaken for a delicate top layer in the case of Isaora's Tech 3L Sportcoat. Its heavy-duty nylon panels—constructed from the same material in their snowboard gear—are welded to prevent even an iota of rainwater to permeate through, with an extra layer of taping on shoulders and arms.

SKINA Magazine Rack

SKINA celebrates copper's lustre in a simple, industrial contraption pairing pipes with a hammock of PVC canvas. Stash magazines, or anything you want, and put it somewhere prominent.

Herbivore Botanicals + The Motley
Clarifying Charcoal Soap

Tea tree and lavender and active bamboo charcoal, oh my! This potent, clarifying trio works together to draw impurities, exfoliate and soothe the skin. The small, black chunk works hard and smells so sweet at the same time.

Witmer Products
Nut Butter Mixer

Anybody who avoids the trans-fat saturated and sugary nut butter varieties knows the oily, separated gloop that becomes of a fancy—or just healthy—nut butter. Instead of stirring it with a knife (like a chump) try this logical, but very clever mixer. Made from plastic, metal and rubber, the lid sits snuggly atop most sizes of jars and will protect your bench-top, hands, clothes and feet from any oily messes.

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