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Eames House of Cards

Designers Charles and Ray Eames offer this complete set of cards with a diverse set of images (animal, mineral and vegetable) appropriate for virtually anything but the most formal of occasions. Sets available in two sizes: 10¾" x 1½" x 7½" and 2½" x ¾" x 3¾.

Touch Me and Die Sweater

At first glance, MadeMe's cropped, striped turtleneck is super-cute, but don't be fooled—the patch reads "Touch Me and Die." Made from a cotton and viscose blend, the sweater channels the '90s, Mondays and most women's sentiments perfectly.

HAY Mini Market
Got This Licked Bag

HAY Mini Market's "Got This Licked" bag is covered in mouths wide open—tongues, teeth and all. The print is made in collaboration with UK graphic artist Jody Barton, and first appeared in their Wrong for Hay collection; the design is now available in new colorways and roomier sizes. Time to take those wagging tongues all the way down to the beach.

Third Drawer Down + David Shrigley
Life is Fantastic Tea Towel

Bouncing from endearingly odd to throwing around wildly positive vibes, Scotland-based David Shrigley never disappoints. Made in collaboration with Melbourne shop Third Drawer Down, this 100% linen "Life is Fantastic" dish towel is a cheerful (perhaps at times delightfully delusional) reminder that can be seen every morning as you labor to make that first batch of coffee.

Bryce Wilner
Gradient Puzzle

Artist and graphic designer Bryce Wilner's Gradient Puzzle is a feast for the eyes and a true challenge for the brain. Made using thick stock and high-quality paper, the pieces won't fall apart—no matter how many times to try to make a piece fit. This stunning meditation on color is available in blue/green or red/yellow and is a treat for kids and adults alike.

Swimming Pool Notebook

Inspired by LA in the 1960s, Poketo's useful Swimming Pool notebook contains 128 blank, white pages for you to scribble, doodle and write to your heart's content. Designed exclusively for the store by the brand's Poketo Studio, the notebook measures 5.75" by 8.25" and is made for anybody with an imagination.

Runa Klock
Drink Rocks

Newly available at the MoMA Design Store, Oslo-based designer Runa Klock's drink rocks keep the temperature down, without diluting what you're sipping. The geometric rocks come in a set of five, but each has a distinct shape (from pyramids to spheres) so everybody can keep track of their own cocktails. While they look like they could be from outer space, they're made from earthy materials: soapstone and marble.

Donna Wilson
Gallop Mini Blanket

Created by East London-based Donna Wilson, this adorable baby blanket (measuring 100cm by 68cm) is made from super-warm 100% lambswool and is knitted in Scotland. The blanket is available in three gender-neutral colorways and covered in horses, deer, moose and all kinds of trees—so baby's imagination will wander to forests filled with all kinds of magical creatures as they snooze soundly and cozily.

Running Late / No Breakfast Bangle

Part of FAUX/real NYC's collection of delightfully unusual jewelry, this Running Late / No Breakfast Bangle combines contrasting shapes and materials to make a visually-engaging statement piece. Made from rubber and 14k gold-plated brass, it's a playful accessory that's sure to spark conversation.

Karen Kimmel
Leather Moon Coasters

Multi-disciplinary designer Karen Kimmel hand-paints each set of four leather coasters to look like the moon's surface in tribute to the Japanese art of ink marbling. Crafted in a range of pastel hues, each set arrives in a screen-printed muslin bag and is ready for drinkable lunar landings, or for toasting rare blood moons.

Fluorescent Acrylic Cactus

SF-based designer Nobel Truong's cacti are an especially rare type: they give off a glow thanks to the fluorescent acrylic material they're laser-cut from. Choose from three different species (Saguaro, Echinocereus or moon cactus) and never worry about watering.

Tom of Finland + Finlayson
Couples Napkins

Thanks to a collaboration with Finnish textile manufacturer Finlayson, influential fetish artist Tom of Finland's homoerotic macho men drawings now grace functional home products like bath towels and aprons. The napkins featuring buff sailor hunks make for a great conversation starter at the next party you host—and are so easy on the eyes. Plus, it's a happy reminder that same-sex marriage will, finally, be legal in Finland in 2017.

Weekender Supply Co.
Fuck It Enamel Pin

Tortonto-based graphic designer Marta Ryczko's side project Weekender Supply Co. is a treasure chest of feels in pin form, whether you're feeling tangled or abstract. Her most bold offering, the "Fuck It" enamel pin, lets the accessory do the talking when you can't be bothered. If you want another way to say it, there's an iron-on patch version available too.

Fellow Products
Duo Coffee Steeper

Kickstarted into reality, SF-based Fellow Products' debut offering combines the best of two techniques—French press and manual pour-over—for a bold cup of coffee—without the sludge. Foolproof to use (and clean), with two removable stainless steel filters to catch any stray grounds, the Duo Coffee Steeper is an example of when great design makes for great coffee. It also makes cold-press coffee and loose leaf tea (the latter requires a different filter).

Steven Harrington + Case Studyo
Sincerely Yours Vase

Case Studyo enlisted California-based artist Steve Harrington for the playful "Sincerely Yours" vase. Dotted with characters shaped like yin-yangs, the curvy vase is a delightfully light-hearted take on the spiritual symbol—yet also an apt one, as Harrington's work oftentimes explores the concept of balance. Limited to just 100 pieces, the porcelain vase will surely bring a little Zen—albeit whimsical—to any room.

Fernando Ramallo + David Kanaga

Argentine game designer Fernando Ramallo and composer David Kanaga have teamed up to create Panoramical: an immersive videogame-like experience for Mac or PC where there are no rules. You're manipulating "abstract musical landscapes" via mouse, keyboard, even game or MIDI controller. Sculpt sound and space within 15 unique worlds through this trippy audio-visualizer to find a meditative escape or trigger a technicolor dance party—it's already being used as live visuals for shows.

Robyn Lea
Dinner With Jackson Pollock

Many might not know that Jackson Pollock, the iconic American painter, was also an avid cook (and gardener). In fact, his apple pie took first place at a local fair's baking competition, and it's one of the recipes included in the cookbook-slash-biography "Dinner with Jackson Pollock." From Swedish meatballs to spaghetti sauce, the recipes were pulled from handwritten notes by Pollock as well as from friends and family who spoke of dinner parties, beach picnics and foraging expeditions. The book sheds light on another dimension of the complex artist 60 years after his untimely death.

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