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Amanda Petrusich
Do Not Sell At Any Price

Music journalist Amanda Petrusich digs into the world of collecting the shellacked, 10-inch obscurities in her book, "Do Not Sell At Any Price: The Wild, Obsessive Hunt for the World’s Rarest 78rpm Records." Her in-depth but personal tome takes a look at the fanatic subculture of collecting 78s, the music's historical significance and the characters mostly unwilling to part with their beloved treasures.

Succulent Pillow

These realistic-looking succulents are, in fact, decorative pillows handmade from cotton canvas and linen by Sabine Herrmann. The Berkeley, California-based artist takes her own photographs of the diverse vegetation around the neighborhood, which are then printed onto fabric. From blue agave succulents to pinecones, Hermann's Plantillo pillows are almost like an optical illusion; the best thing is that they require zero maintenance.

Edward Gorey
The Fantod Pack

Read your (mis)fortune today with The Fantod Pack, Edward Gorey’s dark, but humorous, illustrated spoof on tarot cards. An interpretation booklet unlocks the meaning of Gorey’s trademark macabre sketches—each a miniature work of art—of symbols like the Waltzing Mouse (vertigo, loss of jewelry, morbid cravings) to the Tunnel (sexual disturbance, boredom, an irrational project and more).

Porcelain Wireless Speaker

Made from white vitro porcelain, Unmonday's hexagonal Model 4.3 wireless speaker is a stunning piece of design-minded tech that doesn't sacrifice quality sound. With each side of the speaker acting as an audio channel (thanks to a motion sensor inside), rotating the device means altering the sound—while tilting it mutes the speaker. Offering eight hours of battery life and weighing just over eight pounds, the Model 4.3 speaker is efficient as it is elegant.

LBR-1 Book Stool

The newest addition to BookShop's furniture collection—the LBR-1 Book Stool—acts as a bookcase, a nightstand and seat all in one. The Book Stool is available in either American Walnut or American Ash (both of which are FSC-certified lumber which has been hand-picked) and is formed with only joinery and glue. Without screws or nails, and only clean lines holding glorious books, it displays well from any angle.

Patchwork Pocket Socks

Named after Japan's denim capital, Kapital blends American workwear tradition with modern Japanese trends. For their latest collection, the Tokyo-based brand has released these hypnotizing Patchwork Pocket Socks, that—aside from being a vibrant addition to any sock drawer—feature a side-pocket for stashing all kinds of tiny treasures.

Alex Mill + The Surf Lodge Bandana
Surf Lodge Bandana

This cheerful, nautical bandana is the perfect accessory for anyone visiting the Hamptons this summer—or dreaming about it. Made by NYC-based fashion label Alex Mill in collaboration with perennial hot spot The Surf Lodge Montauk, the 100% cotton accessory sports paddles, surfboards and anchors. And yet, its navy and white colorway keeps it classy.

Charlotte Mei
Toast Plate

London-based ceramicist and illustrator Charlotte Mei's blushing Toast Plate has a contagious smile that will throw any morning grumpiness out the window. Be sure to also check out Mei's "Ceramic Selfies"—a service where she makes a sculpture version of you, a friend, or beloved pet.

Everlane + Edible Schoolyard NYC
The Chef Tote

To raise $50,000 for Edible Schoolyard NYC—a non-profit that gives public schools and their students access to healthy food via hands-on gardening and cooking classes—Everlane has partnered with famed local chefs like April Bloomfield for a collection of limited edition tote bags that take their twist on Everlane's slogan "Know your factories. Know your costs." Both collaborators show a passion for transparency, education and quality "ingredients," making it a perfect match. All profits from sales go to Edible Schoolyard NYC.

Artifact Uprising
Layflat Photo Album

Offering a beautiful way to remember this summer's adventures many years into the future is Artifact Uprising's Layflat Photo Album. Preserve your digital photos in timeless book form, made from professional quality papers and a minimalist fabric cover. It makes a particularly thoughtful gift for that one friend or relative who's impossible to shop for.

Hudson Beach Glass
Grey Spike Bowl

These sculptural glass bowls—propped on three small legs—are created by Beacon, NY-based design studio Hudson Beach Glass. With a range of sizes in striking smokey grey, there's a bowl for every occasion.

MB&F + Reuge
MusicMachine 3

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, MB&F collaborated with Switzerland’s famous music box maker Reuge with the new MusicMachine 3. Inspired by the TIE Fighter from Star Wars, this futuristic design is the third joint venture by the two companies, and limited to only 99 pieces. The right and left engines hide two roller cylinders that play six famous theme songs (from Star Wars and Mission: Impossible to The Godfather) with each cylinder containing about 1,400 handmade and hand-finished pins.

Andrew Neyer

Cincinnati-based artist and designer Andrew Neyer creates a witty, self-explanatory Sweatshirt™. Tell it like it is in six different colors.

Shelli Markee
Naked Wire People Bookmarks

Handmade in Seattle by silversmith Shelli Markee, the Naked Wire People Bookmark can be used to hold your spot in your current book but is also a miniature work of wire art. Each bookmark is a one-of-a-kind item, complete with private parts.

Herb Lester Associates
How To Read The Menu In France, Italy And Spain

The perfect size to discreetly fit into your wallet, Herb Lester Associates' three-book set, "How To Read The Menu In France, Italy And Spain," ensures you will always order correctly—and avoid feeling embarrassed or offending your waiter while traveling. Listed alphabetically, the thoroughly researched books not only provide helpful translations for dishes and ingredients, but even suggest top spots to eat in each of the three countries. Bon appétit!

Saint Atma
Watercolor Turkish Towel

Brooklyn-based Saint Atma's Blue Dream Watercolor Turkish Towel—made using hand-woven looms in Turkey—can be used as a highly absorbent towel or worn as a scarf. Hand dyed using low impact dyes, it's a beautiful, one-of-a-kind statement piece for the bath or beach.

Fun Time
Paradise Lost T-Shirt

A conceptual label founded in 2011, Fun Time is a brand that creates made-in-Portugal apparel inspired by the team's youth in the '90s. Their 100% cotton "Paradise Lost" T-shirt was designed to shine light on the moment when adolescents bid adieu to innocence.

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