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Cynara LED Grow Lamp

The Italian artisans behind lighting company Bulbo have produced the best in single pot illumination. With Cynara they've developed an anodized aluminum and hand-varnished faience terracotta LED lamp for growing medium size plants, especially vegetables and kitchen herbs. The lampshade delicately umbrellas the leaves, emitting the best light for a plant's nutrition. Cynara can either be attached to an aluminum rod and placed directly in a pot, or securely hung overhead.

David Adjaye + Knoll
Prism Lounge Chair

British architect David Adjaye completes Washington, his debut furniture collection for Knoll, with new geometric pieces (a chair, ottoman and side table) that offer up a powerful visual impression. Each small-scale, multifaceted monument has a gloss laminate base that makes a striking counterpoint to its upholstery on top. Additionally, the weighty-looking Prism lounge chair will be sure to surprise those who sit down, as it has the ability to swivel.

Good Thing
Easy Mirror

Brooklyn-based design studio and manufacturing house, Good Thing says they are all about "backward design," but the Easy Mirror (which sacrifices a small amount of its reflective pane to create a leg-stand) is, in fact, quite forward-thinking. Made entirely from polished stainless steel, the mirror is a sleek, minimal and unexpected piece for those who like to look good—and have their decor do the same.

Folch Studio
Strange Plants Box Set

Folch Studio and editor Zio Baritaux created the Strange Plants books to explore contemporary artists who turn to flora as their muse—in the studio, and in personal life. Covering Lee Kwang-Ho's hyperrealist cacti paintings to plant-inspired flash tattoo art, the two beautifully designed hardcovers delve into this fascination with nature through interviews, commissioned pieces and even sticker versions of the featured artwork to customize the books' covers and pages.

Tanner Goods
Leather Slipmat

As an alternative to standard felt slipmats, Tanner Goods offers a handmade leather version worthy of your thoughtful turntable setup and favorite records. The material collects less dust (and therefore less static build-up) and is uncommonly beautiful, as well. Stamped with Tanner Goods' signature Geoglyph pattern, the unique slipmat's design will appeal even to those who don't own a record player (perhaps it can be used as a gigantic coaster).

Waka Waka
Solar Powered LED Flashlight

There are plenty of reliable solar-powered flashlights on the market, but socially-minded tech innovation company Waka Waka has developed a few things that sets their devices apart. Their signature solar flashlight charges in five to ten hours and delivers 80 hours of bright but safe light—utilizing their Patented Intivation SunBoost chip. The flashlight is also designed to be re-positioned easily and even incorporates a hole for resting atop a bottle—making for a makeshift lantern. Most importantly, Waka Waka has a buy one/give one program, meaning with every purchase, someone in a developing nation gets one for free.

Yin Yang Set

Made from crystals that are shaped and polished by hand without chemicals or dyes at select lapidaries, Chakrubs' all-natural sex toys promote wellness as well as pleasure. The Yin Yang set—made from black onyx and white jade—supposedly help filter unwanted distractions, increase emotional stability, encourage self-realization and more. And you'll never have to hurriedly throw them in a drawer when guests come over: for those not in the know, Chakrubs double as beautiful art objects.

Brighten Pineapple + Gemstone Mask

Made with the best all-natural ingredients—focusing on those that are plant-based, organic and food-grade—Herbivore's new Pineapple + Gemstone Mask promises to refresh and brighten your skin—giving you a healthy glow. With pineapple and papaya (to exfoliate), Brazilian White Tourmaline (to illuminate), rice powder (to smooth) and more, it's a treat for your face and takes just 20 minutes per application.

Untitled T-Shirt

Danish type foundry Playtype takes their unique, custom-made typefaces beyond just computer screens and stationery. They're silently permeating the physical world with bold statements through personalized lightboxes, laptop sleeves and even skateboards, thanks to some choice collaborations. Their experimentation with shapes, silhouettes, letters and words on apparel is worth more than a glimpse, and we're enamored with the simple yet resolute "Untitled" T-shirt.

Bamford Watch Department
Commando Rolex Milgauss

Inspired by traditional camouflage designs and coloration, the team at Bamford Watch Department have released customized versions of Rolex's iconic Milgauss and Submariner timepieces for their new Commando line. Rolex debuted the Milgauss back in 1956 but the design applications here harken back even further in time to the battlefields of WWII. Using their Graphite Particle Coating, the clever team at BWD has been able to achieve new colors for the first time. The Commando collection features Desert, Combat and Forest (our favorite, featured here) in both the Milgauss (£12,000 (approx. $18,000) and the Submariner (£13,000 (approx. $20,000).

Orvis + Pendleton
Glacier National Park Dog Bed

Celebrating 100 years of National Park Service (happening in 2016), heritage brands Orvis and Pendleton have collaborated on a collection of accessories for dogs. Their Glacier National Park Dog Bed comes in two sizes (for medium and large pups) and boasts a striped design that adds just the right amount of flair. They're made from cozy polar fleece and have a washable polyester cover—handy for pooches who enjoy the outdoors as much as the two brands.

Dreyfuss Sunglasses

With handmade Italian acetate frames, Komono's Dreyfuss sunglasses are high-quality without sacrificing style. While the design is available in various colorways, our pick is the gender-neutral Matte Indigo with a tortoiseshell-esque pattern just loud enough to make a statement. Plus, the scratch-resistant CR-39 lenses mean they're perfect for boozy weekend brunches and klutzes.

The Bob's Burgers Burger Book

For fans of the Belchers—and puns—the new Bob's Burgers cookbook will be a treat for tummies and funny-bones. "The Bob's Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes for Joke Burgers" is fully illustrated with all-new art, features cameos from the family (as well as Teddy, Aunt Gayle and other beloved characters) and offers a how-to guide on making meals like the Bleu is the Warmest Cheese Burger, I Know Why the Cajun Burger Sings Burger and more. Available for pre-order now, the book is set for official release in March 2016.

Juniper Ridge
Desert Piñon Campfire Incense

The Desert Piñon's needles boast a deliciously sweet but earthy and pine-y fragrance that conjures images of burnt orange from the Southwest—and it's a scent that Juniper Ridge has recreated with their new campfire incense. Blending this with a smoky and spicy fragrance, the Desert Piñon campfire incense is made up of wildcrafted plants, tree sap, wood and bamboo stick—with no charcoal, perfume or hidden chemicals.

Technology Will Save Us
DIY Synth Kit

Injecting fun and excitement around electronics, circuitry and coding, Technology Will Save Us offers DIY kits that teach you how to build a solar-powered moisture-sensor for your plants, a portable speaker from everyday household objects, a game console to play games you've created, and your own noisy synth. Most noteworthy is the opportunity for customization and experimentation within each kit; it all ties in to Technology Will Save Us' mission to change the younger generation's relationship with technology from that of a passive consumer to an active maker and builder.

Touch Me and Die Sweater

At first glance, MadeMe's cropped, striped turtleneck is super-cute, but don't be fooled—the patch reads "Touch Me and Die." Made from a cotton and viscose blend, the sweater channels the '90s, Mondays and most women's sentiments perfectly.

HAY Mini Market
Got This Licked Bag

HAY Mini Market's "Got This Licked" bag is covered in mouths wide open—tongues, teeth and all. The print is made in collaboration with UK graphic artist Jody Barton, and first appeared in their Wrong for Hay collection; the design is now available in new colorways and roomier sizes. Time to take those wagging tongues all the way down to the beach.

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