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Birds of Sausalito
Birds of Sausalito Boxers

California-based Birds of Sausalito are offereing one of the most comfortable and luxurious pairs of boxer shorts ever created this holiday season. Hand sewn with luxurious 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton, mother-of-pearl buttons, and the single needle stitch sewing technique, your man will never go back to a regular pair of boxers after trying these on for size. Each boxer comes in its own Pima Cotton pouch for easy gift giving.

Pico Pau
Los Taburetes Game

Inspired by the way tree branches grow toward a light source, Spanish designer Pico Pau’s simple, stackable game called "Los Taburetes” challenges players to build and balance. Each game set comes with 12 miniature beech wood stools that users can arrange in various combinations, reaching farther up and out—just as tree branches do. Keep them handy during times of creative block or leave them stacked as a delicate shelf sculpture.

The Roadery
Self-Guided Tours

Understanding that the true joy of riding is found out on the open road, The Roadery offers self-guided tours across the American West for enthusiasts looking to escape. Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or an all-out, multi-state road trip, The Roadery will book and schedule hotels, routes, rentals and everything else you need to get going—all you have to do is show up. Tours start as low as $289 for a two-day breather and can reach $3,323 for a 12-day, 1,700-mile trek.

Kristina Fender
'Nico the Kid' Fine Art Print

Madrid-based photographer Kristina Fender seeks out motion, and her particular interest is capturing those zooming by on motorbikes. Her black-and-white “Nico the Kid” is exemplary of her talent for preserving the animated energy of bikers and their rides—and in this particularly photograph, the tension between the viewer and subject holding the slingshot raises goosebumps.

J Crew
Pocket Dial

Teaming up with “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon, J Crew has released a quirky new accessory called the Pocket Dial—and all proceeds go to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which protects Africa's elephants. Combining practicality with a little panache, the Pocket Dial doubles as both an iPhone 6/6s case and pocket square, so you’ll never need to sacrifice suit storage space for style. Each case is made from leather and comes with an exterior card slot and an interchangeable silk pocket square accessory.

Imperial Publishing

Created by Jonathan Leder and Amy Hood, DAYTONA harkens back to a time of unadulterated fun and frolicking on the beaches of ‘70s Florida. The full-color photobook features 48 pages of NSFW images—found mostly at thrift shops and flea markets—documenting sultry, sun-tanned spring-breakers as they play naked basketball, lounge in the sand and smile for the camera. DAYTONA is limited to 500 copies.

Tank Top Yarn Dyed Seattle

Stripes have been beach appropriate since the Victorian era, but tank tops are certainly more modern—and hemp tanks even more so. With Jungmaven's made-in-USA, 55% Hemp and 45% organic cotton striped tank, it's the best of all worlds. And while the hemp adds structure, the cottons keeps the shirt soft, breathable and ultimately comfortable.

Advent Calendar

Count down the days to Christmas with this mystical advent calendar from Denmark-based design shop ferm LIVING. Featuring vast, starry skies above a mountainous landscape, the 100% cotton calendar includes 24 pouches for stashing presents and individual straps for hanging other treasures. It measures roughly 50cm by 100cm.

Explorer's Press
"Headed Somewhere" Keychain

To inspire all your future road trips, Vancouver-based brand Explorer's Press offers their sweet "Headed Somewhere" keychain. Attach the 2.5" gold-stamped plastic piece to your keys and make every time you lock up your house the beginning of an adventure.

For Love and Lemons
Iris Illusion Bra Top

The kind of lingerie you really want people to see, For Love and Lemons' Iris Illusion bra top (available in black or orchid pink) offers full coverage and thick shoulder straps; the exposed underwire and modern cut-out is a super-sexy, structural look—making lacier alternatives just feel outdated in comparison. Made from soft Lycra with contrasting velvet trim, it's comfortable and functional—not just seductive.

KS Swim
"Poseidon" V Swimsuit

Swim like the God of the Sea himself in Karla Spetic's "Poseidon" V-neck swimsuit—part of her spring/summer '15/'16 collection. The one-piece (which is available in pink or orange) blends myths with modernity and will surely make a splash at the beach or the pool this season.

Prize Pins
Tati Compton Pin Pack

This set of supernatural pins comes from the mind of London-based tattoo artist and illustrator Tati Compton in collaboration with Prize Pins. Depicting snakes, skulls, scorpions and little witchcraft, each pin is over one-inch in size to showcase Compton’s attention to detail. Their cool grey, gold and navy color palette adds an extra dimension of spooky.

Keith Haring Original Vacuum Cup

For anyone familiar with Japanese pleasure toy design company Tenga's products, the Deep Throat Vacuum Cup is even more enjoyable than their well-known eggs. The hourglass shape (with central squeeze zone) works in tune with the pre-lubricated suction, making it easy to use as well as stimulating. Incorporating the famed pop artist's designs further demonstrates Tenga's commitments to all details of their products.

The Year of Indigo Bandana

Dedicated to the centuries-old practice of Sukumo indigo-dyeing, this bandana by Japan-based brand Buaisou depicts the very process by which it’s made. Each of the 100% cotton bandanas are hand-sewn and hand-dyed by Bouaisou, who promises ethical farming practices. If you wish to make your own bandana, Buaisou also offers indigo dyeing classes at their workshops.

Ear Tote Backpack

Centered around the simple concept of "make happy," Buddy crafts effortless products for everyday use—and their Ear Tote Backpack is a prime example. It’s as basic as a backpack can get, yet there’s something about the Ear Tote's design that elevates it to the next level—whether that be its slate grey hue, velour suede bottom paneling or Togichi vegetable-tanned leather detailing. The Japan-made bag's unique stout shape and top tote handles add extra portability.

The Macallan
Edition No. 1 Single Malt Scotch

The latest single malt Scotch wonder from The Macallan, Edition No. 1 is the inaugural product in what will become an annual limited edition release. Containing portions of whisky matured across eight unique, hand-selected European and American oak cask styles (and sizes), the resulting flavor profile yields light vanilla and caramel notes up front, with spice to the finish and a hint of something delightfully sour.

Janice Handcuffs

For a safe and pleasurable way to toy with control in the bedroom, these leather handcuffs make for something both beautiful and comfortable. Fastened with a side buckle but bound by a double snap hook to D-rings, the cuffs are more about play than power—and all of it is handmade in Italy.

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