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Bec Brittain
Vise Light

New York-based lighting designer Bec Brittain plays with unexpected colors and materials for brazen sculptural fixtures that become the (literal) highlight of the spaces they inhabit. Her Vise light, named after the grip, has geometric "claws" that create volume in space without being aggressive; a handblown glass globe, in tropical gradients, serves as its softly bright beating heart. Each of Brittain's pieces are hand-assembled and produced in New York.

Try The World
Holiday Box: Michelin Edition

The latest food collection from hand-selected box service Try The World was created in collaboration with acclaimed restaurant guide service Michelin. Within, one will find eight uncommon food items drawn from Italy (a truffle sauce), Taiwan, Israel (a date spread), South Africa, France, Mexico and more. Beyond the treats, Try The World includes culture guides and recipes to bring all of the products to life. As with all Try The World boxes, it can be purchased as a one-off, or those interested can enroll in their subscription services and get seven or eight speciality items every three, sixth or 12 months.

Schuman and Sullivan
Metro Driving Cap

Hand-woven from 100% Harris Tweed wool in the Western Isles of Scotland, Schuman and Sullivan's Metro driving cap calls to mind casual gatherings and road trips of yesteryear. This six-panel iteration rests snuggly on the head, with a refined silk lining for comfort. Further, its dark brown barley corn patterning straddles the past and present—ultimately begetting a handsome, modern look. Using our discount code, COOLHUNTING, at the time of purchase will secure a 20% discount.

Jeremy Porter Design
Wall-Mounted 12" Record Holder

Album art has always made a statement about the music within or those who produced it. Vinyl collectors know this and, with Jeremy Porter's walnut wood wall-mounted record holder (with a hand-applied oil finish), one's favorite can be constantly on display. Each holder is made-to-order and two brass screws round out the simple, effective design. It's an easy way to turn album covers into art for the home.

Ghostly + Brandnewnoise
Phone-Home Xylophone

Ghostly and Brandnewnoise have teamed up once again and the delightful new product appeals to children, beginners and seasoned musicians alike. The eight-key handheld Phone-Home Xylophone is more than a toy—it's a recording device that comes complete with built-in 30-second looping, pitch and delay control. Enclosed in an all-black wooden case (with the Ghostly logo engraved in the corner) the Phone-Home is tuned to the D major scale.

NGV Design Store + Martí Guixé
Fruit and Vegetable Skateboard

Incorporating Martí Guixé's colorful, graphic fruit and veggie designs, this Australian-manufactured skate deck is vibrant and playful. Of course, skateboards have long been used as a platform for artistic exploration and Guixé's work succeeds as a colorful piece to be proud of—whether using it to skate on or to hang on a wall. For foodies, skaters, art enthusiasts and more, it's a piece that caters to all types.

Ten Speed Press
Dinner at the Long Table

Since launching Williamsburg's Diner in 1999, Andrew Tarlow has opened six restaurants, a hotel, a bar and a bakery. His book (written with Anna Dunn) "Dinner at the Long Table" explores recipes that are made for sharing. There's a celebratory tone that permeates the book—with cheery cocktails and impressive recipes that all seem crafted for celebration. With each minute part of a meal considered (from salad dressing to an after-meal biscotti) this cook book is incredibly comprehensive.

Warner Bros
Prince 4Ever

With unreleased music (including the stunning "Moonbeam Levels" which was recorded in 1982 during the 1999 sessions), a posthumous 40-track album by Prince, titled Prince 4Ever, is available on CD or mp3 now. With some of the beloved musicians most beautiful songs—like "I Wanna Be Your Lover" and "Paisley Park"—the album comes with a 12-page booklet of never-seen-before photos by Herb Ritts.

Mouth Foods
Holiday Cookie Plate

For all the baking ambition one may have at this time of year, sometimes it's just time-saving to buy well-made holiday cookies instead. Our friends at Mouth Foods have assembled a "best of" care package featuring some mouth-watering seasonal favorites. The gift-wrapped set comes complete with gingerbread, raspberry cave cookies, chocolate peppermint and more. Many of the cookies were made by Bunches & Bunches, but the team at Mouth also sourced from other talented bakers. Altogether, there's plenty of bang for your buck within.

Sync Platter

Glass artist Kumiko Nakajima of design firm MONO and her furniture designer husband John Quan have united their skills to create a minimal platter ideal for wine and cheese dinner parties—and easy clean-up afterward. Crafted from Tasmanian Oak in the couple's hometown of Adelaide, Australia, the platter—featuring a napkin stow level—comes complete with a clear glass wine stopper to accompany any bottle. Beauty, ease and quality define the simple, effective piece. Price is in AUD.

Atlas 150 Pasta Maker

With over 80 years of experience, Italian homeware company Mercato knows a thing or three about pasta—and any noodle enthusiast knows that homemade iterations taste far superior to store-bought, dry versions. Not only does the hand-cranked Atlas 150 make pasta production simple, the beautifully designed piece can yield linguine, spaghetti or lasagna noodles in minutes. It's also entirely BPA-free, with a copper-coated steel body and even comes with a recipe book.

Shell Case for iPhone

While we traditionally shy away from branding on iPhone cases, there's something definitively charming about the embossed octopus on Nodus' new shell case. The slim top vegetable-tanned Italian leather item is otherwise visually minimal but there are numerous features worth mentioning. On its interior, there's a soft microfiber lining, and the case itself has a polycarbonate core for shock protection. There's also an internal magnetic docking system, and a free portable dock. Altogether, almost all iPhone case needs have been addressed in a beautiful product. Price in Pounds.

Kiehl's + FAILE
Collection For A Cause Skincare Set

A joint venture between Kiehl's and Brooklyn-based art collective FAILE (aka Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller), this collection of luxe skincare products sees 100% of net profits going toward non-profit Feeding America. The set includes Daily Reviving Concentrate, limited edition Ultra Facial Cream, limited edition Creme de Corps, and a limited edition FAILE sticker; the total value of each set sold translates to 415 meals for those in need through the charity. Yes, it's a beautifully designed kit of lavish items, but the charitable element remains undeniably important.

Jam Factory
Kink Vinegar Bottle

With a kink intentionally formed during a traditional glass-blowing process, Jam Factory's Kink Vinegar Bottle carries an extra bit of uncommon personality. The simple design flourish lends the bottle an ergonomic edge, allowing for a easy handling and pouring. Altogether, there's a curious balance of sculptural art and function here, available in three distinct colors. Price in AUD.

Cook's Illustrated
Cook's Science: How to Unlock Flavor in 50 of our Favorite Ingredients

For cooks who appreciate a physics equation and the biology of a mushroom (side note: mushrooms aren't vegetables or fungi, they are "made up of gills, spores, chitin" and more) this new book from America's Test Kitchen is just the ticket. "Cook's Science" is full of fascinating information and 400+ foolproof recipes made with 50 favorite ingredients—everything from scallops to kale, almonds and honey. Each recipe begins with an explanation about the science behind it—essentially why the formula works. Tacos al pastor, for example, are made without a spit and the process not only makes sense, it's also not difficult. Forget too many cooks in the kitchen, this book took a bunch of scientists too, and the result is scientifically proven recipes, so you can't fail.

Phil Frost + G Pen + Burton
Tinder Pack

If you're tired of the standard black backpack, Burton's latest collaborative offering might provide a solution. From the vintage rucksack design to the statement-making pattern by artist Phil Frost, it's an uncommon bag with some superb functionality. In addition to the main entry, there's also an external and internal accessible padded laptop compartment, a top accessories pocket and an internal mesh pocket for stowing—offering 25L worth of storage space. And as with all Burton products, it comes with a lifetime warranty, making it a reasonable product for everyday use.

Mouth-Made High Five Chocolate Bar

Tapping into the familiar notion of a Take5 bar—sporting five salty-sweet layers—Mouth Foods' High Five bar takes all that's deliriously delicious about the original and brings it to the present day. Made in Brooklyn and featuring caramel, pretzels, roasted peanuts and peanut butter, all coated in milk chocolate, the High Five forgoes both high fructose corn syrup and preservatives. It's as healthy as a chocolate bar can be and all the ingredients are incredibly transparent. That said, it's a whole lot of flavor and that matters most.

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