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All Products
Beboe Cannabis Pastilles

Made from organic ingredients and flavored naturally, Beboe's cannabis pastilles are certainly a sophisticated edible. Each candy contains five milligrams of Sativa blend THC and three milligrams of CBD—plus there's a natural accelerant for your body to absorb it, so you won't have any nasty surprises. Only available in California, to those who can legally purchase marijuana.

Papa and Barkley
Releaf Soak

Made with sea salts imported from Israel and infused with whole plant cannabis flower resin, Releaf Soak is an ideal way to wind down after a long day. Available for delivery or in stores in California, the potion's formulation is 3:1 THC:CBD—or what Papa and Barkley call the "Right Ratio."

Big Sur Room Spray

Made with 100% essential oils, this room spray was crafted to smell like California's lovely central coast—Big Sur. With balsam fir, citrus and birch tar, it's woody but fresh. Add a few drops to an oil diffuser or simply spray directly from the bottle.

Travel Set

All packaged up in a black leather Baggu pouch, Tetra's hand-picked goods for on-the-go tokers are minimal but colorful, handy and playful. Inside you'll find unbleached hemp rolling papers, a white bronze Fog Pin, gold Slide lighter, green acrylic box for storage, and a bottle of Japanese eyedrops.

Miwak Junior
Papa Papa Charlie

From a high-temperature production process that renders each bowl extra-sturdy (and slightly different from one another), Miwak Junior crafts ceramic smoking bowls and pipes in their California studio. The Papa Papa Charlie iteration features a large, hollow interior with a smooth, hand-finished exterior. It's beautiful, textured, easy-to-use and to clean.

Love + Destroy
One Hitter

Available in polished gold-plated steel, matte black or stainless steel, Love + Destroy's 3D-printed one hitter is a simple, minimal and travel-happy piece. With space for 18 characters, it's also free to customize with almost any word or name you like.


One no longer has to have a green thumb to grow their own greenery. With Cloudponics' automated GroBox hydroponic system, which comes complete with LED light and nutrient dosing, plant growth can be overseen through an app—while the box itself does everything else. According to the brand, if done correctly the system produces eight ounces of weed in three months. There also happens to be an automated lock on the GroBox door.

"Tree House" Room Spray

Of course the actual fragrances of BYREDO's new range of room sprays are the most important, but the oversized black glass bottles are so sophisticated that you'll want to have it on display. Available in Bibliotheque, Cotton Poplin and Tree House, the perfumes are subtle but pretty. Our choice is Tree House, which has notes of bamboo, myrrh, leather and cedar. Price is in Euros.

Mister Green Life
Marijuana T-Shirt

Marijuana isn't for everybody, but for those enthusiasts who feel loud and proud, this Mister Green Life T-shirt makes it clear. Printed in all-caps on premium ring-spun cotton, the word leaves nothing to chance and has a distinct retro vibe. The super-soft T-shirt is available from small to extra-large and is unisex.
Three Plant System

With everything needed to grow at home, the Three Plant System comes with buckets, lights (180 watts with spectrum control) and more. The SmartHub controls light, hydration and nutrient dosage and pairs with a free app to control settings and get notifications. Depending on your strain and the desired light cycle, you could grow plants to maturity in as little as eight weeks.

Tanner Goods
Herb Grinder

A dual functioning grinder and storage container, this CNC machined high-grade aluminum object uses Neodymium magnets to hold together and locks airtight. It's all made in Portland, Oregon and Tanner Goods has-laser etched their new "Stay Green" graphic on its surface to keep the message strong. As cannabis culture gets further entrenched in the luxury world (openly), this is an item that should appeal to the refined smoker.

Pollen Gear
Child-Resistant Glass Jar Collection

With their beautiful, patent-pending design, Pollen Gear has introduced a series of glass jar collections. Beyond preserving the freshness of the contents within, the jars are airtight, smell-proof and water-resistant. Further, each is child-resistant—providing a safe space for storing something special. The jars are available in a range of sizes and finishes. Reach out to Pollen Gear online for purchase information and pricing.

Super OG Kush Shorts

Made from 100% premium cotton, Monitaly's "Super OG Kush" shorts feature an all-over marijuana leaf print, but in a non-traditional colorway that makes it a little less easy to identify. Black serves as the background while the leaves are in shades of blue, green, yellow and brown. Sitting just above the knee, these shorts have a neat double-fold hem and a zipper fly.

hmbldt + Mister Green
GO420 T-Shirt

Made from 5.5 ounce premium ring-spun cotton, this limited edition T-shirt was made by two of our favorite cannabis-friendly brands: hmbldt and Mister Green. With a minimal design and positive message, it's made in California and comes in sizes from XS through XXL. With imagery front and back, this T-shirt has been screen printed.

Oil Infuser

Get extra creative in the kitchen with small-batch infused oils and butters made through this nifty appliance. Able to add flavor and impart nutrients, users can infuse with herbs, fruits and other ingredients. With precise time and temperature controls, the infuser's reservoir is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Plus, there's a child-lock option.

Silver Stick
Leather Kit

Small enough to stow in a pocket, SilverStick's Typewriter Black leather pouch comes complete with a streamlined one-hitter and cap, 25 natural cotton filters, a stainless steel poker and an airtight container. The handcrafted Horween leather kit can also fit a lighter, but doesn't come with one. Each kit is made in the USA, and details like direction etchings on the inside make it truly considered and convenient.

Tsubota Pearl
Queue Glossy Lighter

So much more than a bodega-bought lighter, Tsubota Pearl's stick lighters come in an array of vibrant colors. Our favorites are the high-gloss iterations, each with a contrasting cap. Made in Japan, each colorway is as appealing as the next: pink and dark green, light green and purple, orange and turquoise, and yellow and turquoise. Measuring 3.375 inches and utilizing a cotton wick, these lighters are functional design pieces.