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Creel and Gow
Amethyst Bowl

February's birthstone is the amethyst and it couldn't be more appropriate for the month's signet holiday with its deep, voluptuous purple textures. Said to ward off drunkenness and promote clear-headedness, this pure amethyst bowl suggests a raw, natural earthiness as well as high-minded luxury. Best of all, each is one of a kind and hand-picked by the house's sculpture experts.

August Editions
Grafted: Plants by Kohei Oda, Pots by Adam Silverman

With 160 pages of photography by Shuji Yoshida and Joshua White, "Grafted" was printed in an edition of 1250 copies. The book is the upshot of two exhibitions by LA-based ceramicist Adam Silverman and award-winning Japanese plant sculptor Kohei Oda, for which the two created over 100 pieces—combining the former's textured pots and the latter's grafted cacti. Separately the artists' works are beautiful, but it's their collaboration (as Glenn Adamson say in his introduction) that proves art has no boundaries.

Haven's Kitchen
Four Sauce Sampler Kit

Manhattan cooking school and cafe Haven's Kitchen has just released a selection of pre-made savory sauces that you can use at home. The sampler set includes four flavors—Herby Chimichurri, Peanut Lemongrass, Kale Walnut Pesto, and Red Pepper Romesco—which are all gluten-free and non-GMO. Three are vegan as well—the pesto not included. These tasty, healthy sauces might just encourage at-home culinary adventures.

Perfect Styptic Balm

Packed in an easy-to-grip and retractable tube, Glyder's hygienic Perfect Styptic Balm works on fresh shaving cuts. Their patent-pending formula uses anti-hemorrhagic agents which decreases post-shave bleeding, and incorporates healing ingredients like Aloe Vera, vitamin E and argan oil. It's a practical and travel-ready balm.

Mint Matcha

As matcha enthusiasts, we're certainly partial to a traditionally brewed green tea, but understand that there isn't always time for the full ceremony. Of all the bottled iterations we've tried, there's no doubt that MatchaBar's mint matcha is our favorite. With a bold flavor and a refreshing twist, it's available in packs of 12 (10-ounce bottles) and provides that combination of caffeine and L-Theanine that matcha-drinkers appreciate.

Slow Factory
"NO" Cap

100% eco-friendly and fair-trade, this cap by Slow Factory is part of their Resist collection—and introduces a new, alternative voice in the politicized red hat movement. The cap is made in the USA and boldly embroidered "NO."—with that all-important period in place to reminds us that this one word can be a complete sentence.

Tank Garage Winery
2014 Roll The Bones Cabernet Sauvignon

If you're looking for a show-stopping wine to bring to a BBQ, Tank Garage Winery's 2014 Roll the Bones Cabernet Sauvignon from Sonoma County, California (with a "kiss" of Napa Valley Merlot) has you covered in full-bodied, supple richness as well as a unique handpainted label—both sure to make an impression. Recommended with fresh-off-the-grill burgers and rooftop sunsets.

Turkish Towel + Carrier

This black and white handwoven Aegean cotton towel can handle all summer beach and picnic needs. Moreover, it's easy to carry on all your adventures thanks to a leather carrying harness. With antique brass hardware, the carrier makes it easy to throw the towel over your shoulder—whether trudging from the car or train, or if you're riding your bike.

Keith Haring Voyage Poncho

Herschel's newest collaboration (released today) is with the estate of the beloved iconic pop artist Keith Haring. Our pick from the bag and outerwear collection, a cute and practical poncho features a wind-resistant and water-repellent coating, as well as a snap closure at the neck. Available for all genders, the poncho's charming print emits cheer even on the rainiest of days.

Ann Ringstand
Scented Travel Candle Collection

Handmade in Sweden, Ann Ringstand's delicious candles fill your home with calm, alluring scent. For those who want to take that away with them, it's easy: the brand now offers a set of three candles in travel-sizes. A little larger than a tea light, each candle comes in its own tin and burns for five hours. The three fragrances: Ground, Gather, and Touch are all soft and warm but each boasts different notes—from citrus to pepper to cedar. Price is in Euros.

Echo + Richard Allan
"Elegance" Silk Scarf

A silk scarf is a pragmatic accessory for all seasons—whether worn as a neck-tie in fall, or to tie your hair up in summer, it's a useful piece. Clothing and accessories brand Echo New York collaborated with scarf designer Richard Allan for a range of eight patterned silk twill scarves, each of which lend a little pizazz to any look. Our pick is the "Elegance" design, where black swirls on white create a simple but striking design. The black border adds extra sophistication.

Pulse Elite T-Shirt

Made from tech-forward odor-fighting and moisture-wicking fabric (complete with chafe-free seams), Strongbody's Elite Pulse T-shirt is ideal for workouts but slick enough to wear to the bar or office too. Thanks to its wrinkle-resistant material, this top will keep its shape even after it's been in a gym bag. Available in six colorways, each boasts a contrast mesh panel at the back.

Harbor Military Shirt

Made in the USA, this pale pink, sailboat-patterned shirt by NOAH is nothing if not jaunty. Constructed from 100% cotton, custom-printed Japanese twill, this high-quality piece is both durable and breathable. With three pockets, it's also functional and retro in design. This shirt is traditionally for men, but its boxy shape makes it appropriate for all genders.

Orlebar Brown
Beautiful Destinations Miami Beach Swim Shorts

Tailored swim short-maker Orlebar Brown's OB Classic Bulldog suit gets three new visuals through a partnership with travel community and creative agency Beautiful Destinations. Known for their awe-inspiring social media presence, Beautiful Destinations—and founders Jeremy and Tom Jauncey—contributed an image of Bali, Moorea and Miami Beach to this exclusive capsule collection. As expected, the OB Classic Bulldog features everything we love about the brand: 100% quick-drying polyamide fabric, signature adjustable side-fasteners, and a slender fit. All the materials were sourced in Europe, where the suit is produced.

Face Halo
Face Halo Pads

Unlike alcohol-based wipes that remove make-up but clog the environment, Face Halo is a reusable pad that utilizes microfiber technology and water to get your skin squeaky clean. The ultra-fine fibers are specially engineered to lift impurities while gently exfoliating your face, and you can toss the dirty pad into the washing machine up to 200 times before finally throwing it away—it’s better for you and the earth.

Organic Chocolate Banana Brittle

Barnana has come to make a name for themselves as a brand "upcycling" organic bananas that don't have the perfect look but taste perfectly fine. While minimizing food waste, they've also developed a series of delicious banana-based snacks. Our personal favorite, Organic Banana Brittle is made of thin, crisp laters of the fruit and chocolate. It's also USDA Organic, non-GMO project verified, vegan, gluten- and dairy-free—meaning it can be enjoyed by just about everyone.

Frank Kerdil
Line-Up Vase

Designed by Frank Kerdil, this set of two vases can be placed together in various ways—each of which promises to be striking. Handmade from colored glass, the Line-Up Vase—with its black, white, red, blue and yellow columns—has a certain retro vibe, but is anything but kitsch. These are architectural, yet functional.

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