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A Fine Match Box Co.
Letterpress Matchboxes

Sarah and William Allardice, the print-happy duo at A Fine Matchbox Co., use their vintage windmill press to create an array of intriguing and special matchboxes, which encase their signature sturdy, blue-tipped, extra-long safety matches. Who has room for freebie-branded matchbooks in their life, when each stroke of the flame can lend a small moment to look at something beautiful.

Erik Parker
Hello Skate Deck

Stuttgart, Germany-born, NYC-based artist Erik Parker's signature style of bold graphics and neon hues have been masterfully applied to a skateboard for his new Hello Skate Deck. Adapted from his 2014 painting "Hello," the limited edition deck is made from hard rock Maple and blends tradition with subculture in a wild style.

Cool Hunting Editions
Limited Edition Starfleet Machine

Modeled after an intergalactic space station is the Starfleet Machine, a table clock dreamt up by horological design house MB&F and engineered by Switzerland's oldest clockmaker L’Epée 1839. Cool Hunting has partnered with MB&F to create a distinct version with bright blue domes—and only 10 have been made. 48 jewels, a 40-day power reserve and moving laser-gun turrets are just a few of the painstakingly crafted details found in this artful masterpiece that will delight clock nerds and Trekkies alike.

Aelfie Oudghiri and Alex Proba
Aelfie + Studio Proba Rug No. 5

Aelfie Oudghiri and Alex Proba both attended medical school, but changed course and ended up as prolific designers. The two have collaborated on a stunning collection of rugs for the home—all inspired by Kurdish weavings and mid-century design. The results are bold, colorful and definitely statement-making. Five designs have been made in a strictly limited edition of three each, and our pick is Rug No. 5, a pink, blue and lavender hued carpet accented by a strong black and white geometric pattern.

Cheryl Humphreys
Unimpressed Print

LA-based artist Cheryl Humphreys uses the technique of blind embossing to slightly raise the words "We Are Not Impressed" on paper, resulting in a minimalist print that can be felt as much as it can be seen. It's artwork with attitude.

Utility Apron

The latest from Apolis, a certified B Corp that aims to empower disenfranchised people through equal opportunity (in place of charity), is a durable apron made from hemp canvas with three pockets and an adjustable leather strap. Whether you're hard at work in the studio or the kitchen, this versatile piece will keep what's underneath pristine.

Third Drawer Down Studio and Craig Damrauer
Modern Art Key Ring

Boasting the statement "Modern Art = I Could Do That + Yeah, But You Didn’t," this fabric key ring by Third Drawer Down Studio and Craig Damrauer are part of the New Math Collection. New Orleans-based Damrauer's New Math project lasted from 2008 to 2014 and explored tangible and intangible concepts, from rumors to truth and teen angst (one example: Uncle = Dad + Fun). The bold equation on modern art remains one of the truest—and funniest.

Print is Dead. Long Live Print.

Compiled by The Guardian journalist Ruth Jamieson, "Print is Dead. Long Live Print" is a hardcover tome that looks at independent publications—and explores the reason they are thriving in a time when traditional magazines are struggling. Jamieson profiles the pubs that she thinks are the best in the world—with themes reaching from sports to current affairs and the arts—through imagery, words and quotes from editors and founders. A fascinating look at the current state of publishing, but also an introduction to new titles like the bilingual English-Japanese "Cat People."

Proper Assembly
No. 3 Cinch Bag Baja

Young Brooklyn-based brand Proper Assembly has a small collection of beautifully designed evergreen bags that champion functionality, quality and affordability. They're able to accomplish this by partnering directly with a manufacturing facility in the Dominican Republic that's been making luxury accessories for decades. Proper Assembly's durable yet super-light cinch bags, with leather cord drawstrings and shoulder pads, are available in Japanese denim, Italian linen/polymide as well as our favorite: Italian wool. Each purchase supports The Adventure Project in their goal of eradicating poverty in developing regions by providing employment.

Bronze Singing Meditation Bowl

Aside from their pure incense, Greenpoint's Incausa offers bronze, hand-hammered singing bowls from Tibet that vibrate with beautiful harmonic overtones when rubbed or struck. Not only beautiful to look at, the bowl helps guide you into a meditative state (especially when cars are honking outside your window) as you follow its almost infinite frequencies into emptiness and stillness. This Bath & Meditation gift set also includes incense, fragrant handmade soap and clay incense-holder. More importantly, Incausa's fair trade and social business mission ensures that this is a gift that keeps on giving back to the craftsmen and indigenous people who make it.

JAXA Reversible Climbing Jacket

Boasting a spectacular image taken by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's (JAXA) land-observing satellite "DAICHI," this climbing jacket from Minotaur is reversible and comes in three colorways: blue, green or black. The photo is of the rainforest island Yakushima—a UNESCO World Heritage site that serves as a sanctuary for wildlife, including monkeys and loggerhead turtles.

The Sill
Kokedama Moss Ball with Fern

This Kokedama from NYC-based The Sill is a bundle of green joy wrapped in a moss ball. An art-form developed by the Japanese, it's an eye-catching way to hold plants, setting them free from pots or planters—you can even hang them. Choose from three different ferns and toss out your ho-hum succulents to make room for this living sculpture. Best of all, the Kokedama doesn't require a lot of maintenance beyond a weekly five-minute bath—staying true to The Sill's mission to make beautiful, unique indoor plants much more accessible (and less scary). National shipping available.

Adam Selman + Le Specs
Cat Eye Sunglasses

We can't all have Adam Selman create a custom sheer dress covered in 230,000 hand-applied crystals like he did for Rihanna at last year's CFDA awards, but thankfully his collaboration with affordable Aussie brand Le Specs is much more accessible. Inspired by the seductive Sue Lyon in Stanley Kubrick’s Lolita, "The Last Lolita" sunglasses channel power, femininity and playfulness through the cat-eye frames.


If you're regularly haunted by the "Storage Almost Full" message on your phone—one way to combat the frustration of having to constantly delete precious photos and songs is Mophie's latest: the Spacestation. Weighing just 5.7 oz, the compact external storage drive also doubles as a battery-charger—and what's notable is how much smaller and lighter it is than other options that just charge. Perfect for those who can't bear to part with any of their 5,000+ songs.

Small Axe Peppers + GrowNYC
The Bronx Hot Sauce

If you've ever wanted to know what the Bronx tasted like, this locally made hot sauce comes close. Made from serrano peppers grown in community gardens throughout the borough, the homegrown condiment is a result of teamwork between the students and families that tend to the plants, a Bronx-born chef, non-profit GrowNYC and social business Small Axe Peppers. Not only do hot sauce sales support the gardens and keep production local, Small Axe Peppers also is donating a majority of the profits to programs that assist low-income communities in the Bronx and throughout NYC. A spicy kick in the mouth has never felt better.

I Know You Think You Know It All

Everyone knows a good quote can change perceptions, or even just brighten a day. With New York City-based writer Chris Black's collection of "advice and observations for you to stand apart in public and online" plenty never-before-heard quips offer exactly that: comedic insight on altering behaviors. While some are more serious that others, all of them carry wit and charm, drawn from Black's personal experiences with Know It Alls. As for our personal favorite, "Strive to be that person who has a personal blunt roller" definitely sends a clear, future-oriented message.

Chen Chen & Kai Williams
Marble Candleholder

Brooklyn-based experimental design duo Chen Chen and Kai Williams are well-known for creating functional art pieces that surprise. Finding the ideal balance between playfulness and elegance are their latest products—created exclusively for furniture design store The Future Perfect—marble candleholders. A little menorah, a little horseshoe and a lot of class.

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