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Kelly Grovier
100 Works of Art That Will Define Our Age

A provocative look inside the last two decades of the most significant works of art from our time, with compelling snapshots of the artists behind them from art critic and historian Kelly Grovier. The collection of 100 works best capture the spirit of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, impacting our generation as Picasso and Dali have of the previous. The text is accessible and enough for an art school student yet compelling enought for any contemporary culture-ist offering a biography of each piece, tracing its inception and impact, highlighting a unique look into the imagination of each artist who created it and the social effects they've created through their works.

These Are Things
"Nope" Heart Patch

Made by These Are Things, this red embroidered iron-on love-heart "Nope" patch is made for Mondays and introverts. Measuring two inches by two inches, it's a sweet and salty way to wear your heart on your sleeve.

Jaquet Droz
Grande Seconde Quantieme Silver Côtes de Genève

In many ways, Swiss watchmaker Jaquet Droz's Grande Seconde Quantieme Silver Côtes de Genève epitomizes the brand. At the watch's core, there's a proprietary Jaquet Droz 2660Q2, self-winding mechanical movement powering an off-center hours and minutes dial, and a large seconds subdial (fashioned in the brand's signature figure eight). On the surface, however, there are refined flourishes aplenty: from the Côtes de Genève finish of the face to the brilliant blue hands.

Stackable Wooden Cats

Whether you pile them higher and higher Jenga-style, or just have them roaming on your office desk, these wooden cats require no feeding—just regular play. Each set comes with six curious kittens in realistic poses: yawning, stretching, reaching, walking, you name it. Note that the pieces are pretty tiny—so it's for the older feline lovers who won't accidentally swallow one.

The Macallan
Edition No. 1 Single Malt Scotch

The latest single malt Scotch wonder from The Macallan, Edition No. 1 is the inaugural product in what will become an annual limited edition release. Containing portions of whisky matured across eight unique, hand-selected European and American oak cask styles (and sizes), the resulting flavor profile yields light vanilla and caramel notes up front, with spice to the finish and a hint of something delightfully sour.

Ear Tote Backpack

Centered around the simple concept of “make happy," Buddy crafts effortless products for everyday use—and their Ear Tote Backpack is a prime example. It’s as basic as a backpack can get, yet there’s something about the Ear Tote's design that elevates it to the next level—whether that be its slate grey hue, velour suede bottom paneling or Togichi vegetable-tanned leather detailing. The Japan-made bag's unique stout shape and top tote handles add extra portability.

Brassing Ballpoint Pen

Taiwan-based design studio, Ystudio, builds minimalistic pens and pencils from sturdy metals like copper and brass. Their Brassing Series ballpoint pen is coated with a black paint that wears down with use, eventually revealing an underlying luster in a patina that’s unique to each writer. Purposely scraping it off can even add instant personalization. It’s a beautiful and clever process that’ll make you want to swear off keyboards forever.

The Year of Indigo Bandana

Dedicated to the centuries-old practice of Sukumo indigo-dyeing, this bandana by Japan-based brand Buaisou depicts the very process by which it’s made. Each of the 100% cotton bandanas are hand-sewn and hand-dyed by Bouaisou, who promises ethical farming practices. If you wish to make your own bandana, Buaisou also offers indigo dyeing classes at their workshops.

Gluten-Free Crackers

Made using only non-GMO ingredients, Onesto crackers are super-crunchy, and delicious—which might be seemingly impossible to many, as they are also gluten-free. Free of bleached sugars and preservatives, the variety pack includes different flavors like rosemary, sea salt and ancho chile. They'll make an unexpected and tasty treat for even the gluten-tolerant at your next cheese and wine party.

Star Wars
14k Gold Darth Vader Cufflinks

Made in the USA, these limited edition 14K gold cufflinks portray the visage of Star Wars' iconic villain, Darth Vader. With a new Star Wars film on the horizon (and the back catalog of films some of the best-loved of all time), these are not only relevant but they dress up nicely—while lending a bit of edge. As a final detail, the cufflink backs are adorned with the Galactic Empire Insignia. All you need is the Imperial March to play as you enter a room.

Ten Speed Press
The NoMad Cookbook

Treat someone special to a Michelin-starred meal without ever visiting a restaurant, with Daniel Humm's The NoMad Cookbook. Inside, elegant photography and detailed recipes treat home cooks to the very dishes the acclaimed NYC-based chef dreams up at his award-winning restaurant. As an additional surprise, it even comes with a second cocktail recipe book hidden within false pages.

Bobo's Mountain Sugar
Vermont Dark Maple Syrup

Skye Chalmers and Tina Hartell—the duo behind Bobo’s Mountain Sugar—refuse to cut corners when it comes to their Vermont Dark Maple Syrup. Each spring, they harvest sap from roughly 2,500 trees, boiling down 55 gallons to produce just one gallon of the rich, liquid gold. Pour it over homemade pancakes or, better yet, mix it with ginger, apple cider vinegar and cold water for a refreshing Vermont Switchel.

Fräulein Kink
Fringe Eye Mask

Handmade to order in Berlin, Fräulein Kink's subtle but sexy Justine blindfold comes with gold or silver accents and works with more than just your sight—the soft fringing also awakens your sense of touch. With black velvet trim, a satin ribbon tie closure and the brand's engraved heart logo, it can also be styled as a hair accessory if you're feeling bashful.

Pasta Tool Set

Not only are Eataly's wooden pasta utensils traditional (so you can make dishes like your nonna), they're also good looking enough that you'll be proud to display them in your kitchen. The Pasta Tool Kit from the already iconic Italian marketplace is exclusively available at MoMA Store, and comes complete with two ravioli presses, a gnocchi- and a spaghetti-maker. The set even contains four recipes—charming Italian accent not included.

Penelope Gazin
Girl Gang Patch

Brooklyn-based artist Penelope Gazin has the perfect patch to support your local girl gang—or indeed rep your very own. Spelled out in snakes, lipstick, knives and bones, the playful pink patch bears fair warning that you walk with back-up in tow. The 2.25-inch-wide patch is available for bulk ordering—depending on how deep your gang rolls.

Patternity: A New Way of Seeing

There's certainly a power to patterns, and it's all on view in "PATTERNITY: A New Way of Seeing." Not just a collection of images, the book features in-depth research on how patterns shape our world. All of its fascinating insight hails from PATTERNITY, an award-winning design duo founded by art director Anna Murray and surface designer Grace Winteringham.


We have lots of crushes on chocolate, but our deep romance with these New York-made Crunchmallows chocolate confections ($29) is as strong as it was when we first wrote about them 10 years ago. Crunchy toffee topped with a marshmallow and dipped in dark or milk chocolate makes for a ridiculously tasty sweet treat.

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